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Waterfalls of Chikmagalur district: list & details

Chikmagalru has lots of waterfalls. I had visited a few of them earlier and visited many of them again this month. Here is a summary of different waterfalls in Chikmagaluru district, their distance from nearest town, complexity (how easy or difficult it is to access) and if it is really worth including in your plan.

Below is a summary



Nearest Town



Sirimane Falls


18 kms from Sringeri, 50 INR per person, 8.30 AM till 5 PM, 50 steps, no entry into water, worth visiting if nearby


Jhari Falls


Great falls, 3 kms trek 1 way due to jeep service strike, no entry fee


Theerthakere falls


Roadside falls, worth a quick stop, 18 kms from Sringeri


Kushal Falls


22 kms from Sringeri, not so great, just a small roadside falls, stop if passing by


Falls in Charmadi Ghat 

Roadside falls, only during monsoon, worth a stop while passing through


Manikyadhara falls


Last 3-4 kms bad roads, great views, jeep ride costs 1200 per jeep with 30 min time


Kodige Falls


Worth visiting while going to Ballalarayana Durga. Good for family timepass


Hebbe Falls


Need 4x4 jeep ride, great waterfalls, leeches. I am yet to visit this falls


Elaneeru Falls


Access via private property, better if you stay nearby, no crowd, steep slope access road. Worth the effort.


Kalhattagiri falls


Easy access, worth a stop while going to Kemmannugundi


Honnammana Halla Falls


Easy access, by the roadside, worth a quick stop


Ukkada Falls

Yet to visit this falls


Shanti Falls

Yet to visit this falls


Abbikallu falls

Couldn't locate


Hanumana Gundi falls


 150-200 steps down, no access to water, ticketed









Points to note:

You won’t be able to visit all of them in 1 day. They are spread over 300 kms, most have timings and trekking/jeep ride etc so you would need at least 2 days to explore all the waterfalls in Chikmagalur (excluding your travel to Chikmagalur from your home city). Alternatively you can chose to skip a few that are far off or not worth the trek.

Map link here

Which waterfall is best for what?

I want to

Best waterfalls

Take a bath under the falls

Manikyadhara, Elaneeru, Jhari falls, Kodige

Trek till the falls

Jhari & Hebbe, Manikyadhara

See some falls very easy to access

Honnammana Halla, Charmadi Ghat, Sirimane, Theerthakere, Kalhattagiri falls

Stay close to waterfalls

Sirimane, Elaneeru, Jhari falls have homestays nearby, Kemmannugundi (jeep start point for Hebbe falls) has few Govt n Pvt properties where you can stay.

Unknown/Private waterfalls

Some homestays and resorts (Eagle Eye Resort for example) claim to have access to private waterfalls. You can try you luck. Mostly these will be small streams which can be shown as waterfall during monsoon months.

There are a few more waterfalls in Chikmagaluru which I’ve not visited even once. Will keep them in mind for next trip. Hebbe, Ukkada etc.

Detailed blog posts are available on specific waterfalls- Jhari * Sirimane * Elaneeru Falls * Kodige Falls * Hanumana Gundi falls

Brief about other falls below:

Theerthakere: A roadside falls, worth a quick stop. No easy access to top

Honnammana Halla

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