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Sindhudurg Island Fort in coastal MH: Drone footage

Sindhudurg Fort is an island fortress off the coast of Sindhudurg town in Maharashtra. Sindhudurg is some 100 kms north of Goa. You can plan a day trip to Sindhudurg fort along with various other forts and waterfalls in Maharashtra north of Goa.

However because Sindhudurg Fort is in an island, one has to take ferry to reach the fort. But the sad thing is ferry service is shut down during monsoon season- June to September. On the day of our visit the sky was sunny but still boat service is closed for the season.

However I could fly my drone over into the ocean to take some videos of Sindhudurg fort. You can watch the footage below. The fort is about 1 km from the coast.

Sindhudurg fort island drone footage [Watch on youtube]

Sinddhudurg fort is built by Maratha ruler Shivaji during the 18th century. Its main purpose was to detect and delay any sea based intrusion or invasion. Fort campus feels pretty huge with all key facilities. Need to plan one more trip post monsoon to be able to take a boat and reach the fort.

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