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Chikmagalur visit: August 2022 updates

I visited Chikmagalur after several years. Previous visits were in 2012 (Mullayana giri, Manikyadhara falls, Yagachi Dam), 2014 (Mullayyanagiri), 2015 (Mullayyanagiri), 2021 (Elaneru Falls, Sringeri, Horanadu temples), Feb 2022 (Ballala Rayana Durga, Kalasa, Kodige falls), May 2022 (Hariharapura)

Most of my previous visits were day visits. I had never spent a night in Chikmagalur. This time it was a dedicated weekend trip to Chikmagalur.

This time I started from Sirimane waterfalls near Sringeri, visited Sringeri temple, proceeded to check Theerthakere falls, visited Mullayyanagiri, Jhari waterfalls, attempted to visit Manikyadhara falls, stayed overnight in a budget hotel in Chikmagalur town, next day visited Devaramane and headed home. Overall trip was about 500-550 kms Udupi to Udupi.

Major findings

Road to Sirimane falls is excellent now. It was closed for an year and opened up only recently, Good work. Falls opens at 8.30 AM and 50 Rs entry ticket is charged per person. No entry to Waterfalls, only viewing deck is accessible.

Road to Manikyadhara falls is damaged (from Bababudangiri onwards), difficult for normal cars, SUVs can try. Jeep owners charge 1200 INR per jeep for this 6 km ride (from Baba Budangiri till Manikyadhara falls- 3 km one way). Apart from high cost, they only give 30 minutes at the falls, so you will have just enough time to see the falls. If you had other plans- like shooting a time lapse, waiting for clouds to clear to take good drone shot, or just relax at the viewpoints for sometime, you will have to hurry. This is another big disadvantage. Better to go in bike or just trek these 3 kms till Manikyadhaara falls.

Jhari waterfalls- Jeep service suspended due to some conflict between driver union and administration. We have to trek 3 kms to the falls. It was worth it and saved us money too. Some autos, bike riders and even a Seltos driver managed to drive all the way till falls and back, but depending on rains, your vehicle capacity & driver’s skills & confidence, regular 2 wheel drive car might get stuck at some point, which is an unnecessary risk while on tour.

Parking near Jhari waterfalls turn is also limited. Many had to park a km away and trek- extra time during weekends due to crowd.

Mullayyanagiri and Seethalayyana giri were crowded. But the roads are now a lot wider compared to my last visit in 2015. Earlier two cars crossing each other was tricky, now fairly easy. But we got lots of mist, so hardly any view.

We didn’t do any advance booking. Managed to get a budget room for 1000 INR. We were told the previous week (long weekend) same room was sold for 4000 INR due to excessive demand.

Being rainy season, got fair bit of rains and hills were all covered in cloud, blocking view and visibility. So you may not get best of the views but the cool breeze, cloud and mist in itself is a unique experience not available in summer.

Overall road condition in Chikmagalur was good. Had a few bad patches and pothole filled sections but largely manageable.

Took a detour to visit Bandekallu peak. But couldn’t climb the peak as it seemed to be in private property and no clear trail. But the drive was amazing. Map showed a waterfall on the way, but couldn’t locate it.

Day 01, starting from Udupi





Sirimane Falls

Nice roads, opens 8.30 till 5 PM, 50 INR per person


Sringeri Temple


Theerthakere falls

Abbikallu falls

Couldn't locate

Kushal Falls

Bandekallu peak

Narrow hilly road, enjoyed drive, could see rocks, didn’t trek

Abbi falls ilehole

Couldn't locate

Rameshwara Lake


Lots of clouds, near zero visibility, blissful weather


Quick stop

Honnammana Halla Falls

Jhari falls

Total 6 kms trek, took 2 hours to visit & return, totally worth, jeep service not operational

Manikyadhara falls

Didn’t go- was already 5 PM with zero visibility, bad roads and jeep people asking 1200 INR


Budget hotel 1000 INR per room, dinner, rest

Day 2: My plan was to visit Devaramane, Ettina Bhuja and return home. But only visited Devaramane- lots of mist and near zero visibility and rains.

Due to rain didn’t see it viable trekking Ettina Bhuja, so decided to return home, after meeting fre friends in Ujire. 

Charmadi ghat is in excellent condition, with multiple mini waterfalls all along the way and great view.

I couldn’t go towards Kemmannugundi and Hebbe falls. May be some other time.

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