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Easy access dual stage Kodige falls, Chikmagalur

Kodige is a nice waterfall suitable for family outing in Chikmagalur district. Kodige falls, sometimes
spelt as Koodige is about 4 kms from main road (Rani Jhari coffee shop) and 2 kms diversion from your path to Ballalarayana Durga. I took a diversion to visit Koodige falls while returning from Ballalarayana Durga & Bandaje falls trek.

Access: Follow the map and signboards put on the road side. The last 2 kms are bad roads and need some careful driving. Address is Durgadahalli, Kodige estate road, Sunkasale post, Karnataka 577122

What to expect at Kodige falls?

1 Viewpoint: There is a nice viewpoint/observation deck to view the falls. If you have family members who do not plan to get into water they can sit here and watch.

2. Main falls: The main Kodige falls is about 15-20 meters deep. Once can access this by walking downhill about 300-400 meters and enjoy the falls

3. Mini falls upstream: There is a small area upstream where you can take a quick dip or relax with your legs in water, if you do not intend to trek downhill for the main falls.

View from top of Kodige falls

Locals charge 20 Rs for car parking and 10 Rs per person entry fee to access Kodige falls.

Kodige falls is open from 9 AM till 5PM

No shops in the area. Carry whatever you may need from Kalasa/shops on the main road.

Season: There was a fair bit of water even in Feb first week. So I am guessing there will be some water till the end of Feb. March/April may not be worth it. October to Feb can be considered as the best time to visit Koodige falls. Might be too risky for the family during peak monsoon I guess.

Watch a video here [watch on youtube]

Nearby: Ballalarayana Durga and Bandaje Falls

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