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Kodachadri expensive trekking fees are bad move

Karnataka’s excessive trekking fees are a bad move

Karnataka has increased tourist entry fees to insane levels. It now costs upto 2600 INR per person just to trek into Kodachadri using our own legs. Entry fee to various waterfalls, hills and other tourist spots have been hiked 10 times what they were 2-3 years ago.

Kodachadri trekking fees imposed by Karnataka Govt

1 Person (Indian)

2 people

10 people

Entry fee

100 INR

200 INR

1000 INR

Trekking Fee

300 INR

600 INR

3000 INR

Mandatory Guide fee

1000 INR

1000 INR

1000 INR


1000 INR (200 mm or more

1000 INR (assuming 1 camera)

5000 INR (assuming 5-6 cameras)

Late fee

200 INR 

400 INR

2000 INR


2600 INR

3200 INR

12000 INR

Per Person

2600 INR (worst case)

1400 best case, no camera)

1600 INR

1200 INR

Not sure what the Govt is thinking. Maybe they feel they can milk tourists as much as possible. Lockdown has ended, people want to travel and will happily cough up any amount quoted. But then, maybe people who came all the way from Bengaluru might cough up one time, but they will spread the news among their friends and social circles and alert others about high prices.

Such high ticket prices will also promote corruption. It is very easy for forest guards/ticket counter staff to accept half the amount without issuing tickets and let people through. The Government can’t afford to assign someone from Bengaluru to keep an eye on local staff to check if they are selling tickets to everyone or pocketing some money. Just 10-15 people without tickets per day is 5000-15000 INR easy tax free money to the guards and staff. Much more than their salary and total loss to the Government.

Such insane pricing will also have a negative impact on tourist mindset, branding karnataka as an expensive destination to explore.

  • I will no longer recommend Kodachadri to anyone as there are better alternatives for their time and money.
  • I would have taken my guests 3-4 times a year to Kodachadri if all was well, but at present rates, even visiting once for myself is doubtful.
  • I have already visited Kodachadri once long back. I was thinking of doing one trek but at this rate, I am not sure. Even if I go, I will only go once when the season is right, I have a large team and I can spend a full day and make max value for the thousands of rupees we will be shelling out. 
  • There are hundreds of unnamed hills and viewpoints and beaches and waterfalls in Karnataka that we can explore without govt controlled ticketing mechanism demanding thousands of rupees for nothing. After collecting thousands of rupees per person, there is absolutely no service or facility from the government- no first aid box, no drinking water, no toilets, nothing.

If a couple has to spend 3200 INR just to hike up a hill, it is definitely not worth it. Yes, Kodachadri might be beautiful, but is it worth spending 3200 INR + other expenses reaching Kodachadri? For 3000-5000 INR, people have several other alternatives

  • Stay in a nice homestay for the weekend
  • Take train to Goa and explore locally
  • Rent a bike for few days go on long ride
  • Houseboat ride/watersports activities
  • Enjoy a vistadome ride and back
  • Visit a theme park and spend a day

Govt officials seem to be hand in glove with local jeep mafia in making it too complicated and expensive for trekkers and general public

Bike entry no longer allowed- another easy option is taken away from the public.

If we go in jeep entry fee is only 50 RS (Jeep fellows take 700-1000 INR), but if I want to trek on my own I have to shell 400 INR + Mandatory guide charges (1000 INR) + Camera fee (upto 1000 INR)

There was news of a ropeway in Kodachadri. But 3 years later, there is no progress. No feasibility check, no estimation, no contracts handed over, no timeline. I guess they are trying to fund the ropeway project by collecting 1000s of rupees from trekkers and then charge 500-1000 Rs for use of the ropeway also.

There is absolutely no plan to repair the offroad track up the hill. 4x4 jeep owners have to spend half their earnings on repairs. It has been several decades and the 4x4 circus is the only way to top, as even trekking costs 400 INR per person plus late fee plus camera fee.

Govt should do some assessment- how much visitor count has dropped since they increased prices. Govt should decide between having only 100-200 visitors at 1200-2600 INR per person (about 5 lakh rupees total) vs having 1000-2500 customers paying around 200-300 INR max (7.5 lakhs).

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