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Talasi Abbi falls-August 2022 visit-drone footage

Talasi Abbi falls: August 2022 Update:

Revisited Talasi Abbi during August 2022. As it was monsoon season lot more water now- check updated drone video.

The approach road had gone bad due to rain- my car almost got stuck. Managed to recover, park safely- had to walk some 500 meters to the falls. In Feb it was just 100 meter walk as I could drive closer on dry road.

Talasi Abbi: Feb 2022 Original post

Talasi Abbi is a nice waterfall between Mastikatte and Theerthahalli in Shivamogga district of Karnataka. I wanted to visit Talasi Abbi falls since the year 2020, but for various reasons the trip didn’t happen. 

Finally the trip happened. I was fearing the water level might have gone down as it is already February 3rd week, but we were lucky. Along with a friend I drove to Talasi Abbi after visiting Kamalashile Cave. We drove up the Hulikal ghat (small trickles were still there at Hulikal falls), had some breakfast and turned right at Mastikatte and drove towards Talasi Abbi falls. Google map location is fairly accurate- we followed “Talasi Abbi parking lot”- from there we had to take a mud road to the left. Drove another km till the road ended and we could hear the roar of the waterfall.

Hardly 50 meters of walk and we were at the Talasi Abbi falls. There was still some water. We could walk on the rocks and get closer. I did some drone footage as well.

There are multiple areas to explore- the upper section was calm, a plain area better suited for taking a dip, whereas the downstream area of the fall gave great views but the spot didn’t feel too suitable for taking a bath as water levels were not that deep. Of course, this is in Feb. Need to check the situation in October/November seasons.

I will definitely revisit Talasi Abbi falls later this year post monsoon. Water level will be a lot more and probably we won’t be able to get too close due to slippery rocks and fast flowing water, but that will be another experience to feel.

There was no entry fee or restrictions when we visited (Feb 2022). Not sure if this will change next time I visit.

Points to note while visiting Talasi Abbi falls

  • Google for Talasi Abbi falls parking instead of Talasi Abbi falls- you will be able to go closer. This is assuming you can drive on mud roads (hopefully usable in monsoon also). If you google Talasi Abbi falls alone you may have to trek a bit. I didn’t explore this route.

  • No one to keep watch or assist. Take care of yourself and your group while moving on the rocks.

  • No facilities available- go with whatever you may need. Mastikatte or Theerthahalli are nearest big towns

How to reach Talasi Abbi falls?

Talasi Abbi is 90 kms from Shivamogga/Udupi,

Stay: Plan a stay in Thirthahalli town or any homestays in Shivamogga district 

There are many other attractions in the area. You can plan your visit to Talasi Abbi along with few other spots nearby as per your interest and time. 

Watch a drone footage below [watch on youtube]

Nearby: Kavaledurga fort (13 kms) * Kundadri (42 kms) * Kopparagundi falls (7 kms, yet to visit) * Achakanne falls (35 kms) * Arlumane falls (32 kms, yet to visit)  * Bachalgundi falls (9 kms, yet to visit)  * Kubja theertha falls (17 kms, yet to visit) * Agumbe (43 kms) * Arasalu Malgudi Museum (65 kms)


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