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Kamalashile Suparsha caves with bats-night exploration!

We had an early morning adventure entering Kamalashile caves. Kalamashile caves are a km away from the popular Kamalashile temple. We reached there by about 6 AM, daylight was yet to break in. 

Because the site is a temple premises, we had to take off our footwear and enter the cave barefoot. This did hurt our legs to a fair extent as the rocks were uncut and harsh. I would suggest at least wearing some socks or wrapping some clothes to protect your feet. Also be sure to carry a torch as light is almost none as you go deeper. If you are afraid of darkness, Kamalshile Suparsha cave will be even more fun!

Kamalashile Suparsha caves has idols representing three goddesses-Goddess Lakshmi (known for wealth creation), Goddess Saraswathi (known for education and wisdom) and Goddess Kali (known for aggression and punishment)

As we entered we went deeper and deeper. The bats were flying around and the smell was getting harsher as we went deeper. Because it was February there was no water. In the rainy season there is a possibility of water accumulating inside the cave adding to complexity.

We left by about 6.20-6.25 I guess, as we had to head to our next destination, Talasi Abbi falls, light was still coming up. We paid a quick visit to Kamalashile’s popular Sri Brahmi Durgaparameshwaritemple and proceeded towards Hulikal, Mastikatte. Need to visit Kamalashile cave one more time during day time


Suparsha cave is believed to get its name from King Suparsha (also spelt as Suparshwa), who did his meditation here to gain moksha. Not much information is available as to which period King Suparsha was ruling and which region. There is a mention of Suparsha in Valmiki Ramayana as a witness who saw Seetha’s kidnapping.

How to reach Kamalashile Suparsha caves?

Kamalashile cave is 40 kms from Kundapura, 62 kms from Udupi, 120 kms from Shivamogga and about 35 kms from Kollur. If you have a couple of hours to spare while traveling in the region, you can divert and explore Kamalashile. A few buses are available from Kundapura to reach Kamalashile. If you take the bus you may have to walk a km from temple till cave. Siddhapura is the nearest big town with good bus connectivity, some 10 kms from Kamalashile from where you can hire an auto to reach Kamalashile.

Stay options: Better stay in Kollur/Siddhapura or other towns and plan a day trip to Kamalashile. Kamalashile temple has a few rooms but they are given only to those who book major pooja rituals at the temple and not for tourists.

Timing: Better visit Kamalashile caves during day time, 7 AM to 5 PM if visiting caves is the primary reason. Pooja timings may vary.

Watch a short 12 sec video of bats inside the cave [Watch on youtube]

Nearby: Talasi abbi falls (36 kms), Hulikal Falls (18 kms, till December only), Belkal Theertha falls (25 kms), Kodachadri (70 kms), Metkalgudde (15 kms), Bharathkal Haladi (25 kms), Tombattu falls (17 kms).

Thanks to Subramanya SM for taking me to this place.


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