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Metkalgudde Mahaganapathi hilltop temple near Hosangadi

June 2022 Update: Visited again with friends on a bike. Was able to ride till top as the path was dry. Had to be careful while riding up and return but was doable. KTM 390, RTR 310, Yamaha FZs, Apache RTR 160, NS 200, R15 all made it to top. I have also taken a drone footage of the Metkalgdde Maha Ganapathi temple, which you can watch towards the end of this post.

MetkalGudde is one of the numerous mini hills, part of western ghats range. But Metkalgudde is made popular because someone took trouble and build a small temple on the top. The Mahaganapathi (Vinayaka) temple on top of Metkalgudde is a great excuse to hike up the hill and enjoy the scenery.

View from top of Metkalgudde Mahaganapathi temple

You can see Haladi river on one side, Hosangadi town on the other side and the eye catching western ghats range all over. The view and cool breeze erases all the tiredness of hiking uphill for 2 kms.

How to reach Metkal Gudde Mahaganapathi temple and hilltop?

To visit Metkalgudde, follow google maps  from wherever you are. At Hosangagdi you have to turn, drive about 2 kms and you will find this board- this is where you have to make your final turn. Road is nice for next 2 kms or so.

The last 2 kms can be reached via hiking. If you arrive in a two wheeler and are confident riding uphill on tough rocks and slippery surfaces you can try. Better be fully prepared with safety gears and a person behind to watch you and support if needed. If you have a 4x4 vehicle you can try your and your vehicle capabilities going uphill. At one spot a tree had fallen, blocking the path, so carry a chainsaw as well!

We hiked October 2nd week- No leeches, no slippery road and tree cover ensures it is not too hot while climbing up. But it was exhausting to climb 2 km uphill. Carry your own water. There is a stagnant pond on the top but not sure if it is safe to drink. No shops or any other facilities on top. Temple was also closed and locked but it was the view we went up for which can never be locked!

Metkalhudde temple is seeking donations to renovate the temple. If you wish to donate do.

Drone footage below [Watch on youtube]

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