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Beware of Barapole river rafting in Coorg!

This post is to update you about ground reality about Barapole River Rafting in Coorg and warns you not to trust what you see online and get trapped.

Recently while scouting for places of interest and things to do in Coorg just before my planned trip, I came across few locations stating "Coorg Water Rafting Sports & Adventure", Kodagu White Water Rafting, "Base Camp of Coorg Whitewater Rafting" etc [Map link]

I knew rafting is available at Dubare in Coorg but this new location on Barapole river was a surprise for me. I checked some of their websites, etc- All of them seem to suggest rafting is open and we should book. Even travel portals Thrillophilia were selling rafting package online like These websites collect 800 to 1200 per person for booking a rafting session. I thought of booking but then I wasn't sure what time I would reach or if there would be some change in plans. Thus I decided not to book but explore in person anyway. Because this location was about 15 kms diversion from our destination Iruppu falls, I decided to visit in person and check out.

As I reached the locations shown in map, there were no signs of any rafting (we reached about 10 AM in the morning). We checked with few locals, who confirmed rafting is NOT operational now. We visited Barapole river at one spot- water level was very low and not enough for rafting. If this is the water level mid September (end of Monsoon season) then there isn't much home- don't think  water level will increase after monsoon. (Unless organizers manage to get some water released from nearby dams, like it happens in Kali River).

A lone leech was hunting for customers

So I was glad I didn't book online. Else it would have been an endless struggle to get the refund. Don't trust everything you see online- try to validate offline and then book.

One good thing is on the way we spotted nice tea plantation.

Do share your thoughts.  I have done rafting in Kali though Jungle Lodges but our experience was not good. 


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