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Iruppu Falls Kodagu: Pics, visitor info

Iruppu is a popular waterfalls in Coorg district. But Iruppu falls is located about 75 kms south of Madikeri almost close to Kerala border. Because of this distance and time required tourists who don't have extra time to spare often skip Iruppu. All my previous weekend trips to Coorg I had to skip Iruppu and Brahmagiri as it was not fitting in the itinerary. If you are planning to proceed towards Nagarahole/Kabini/Mysuru after Coorg, it is good idea to plan your route via Iruppu falls. Otherwise visiting Iruppu from Madikeri and return would take half day.

Checked out from hotel, had breakfast and started from Madikeri at about 10 AM. I arrived at Iruppu falls parking about 12 noon, after 2 hours drive via Virajapete, Gonikoppal and a small diversion to visit Barapole river and tea plantations.
Iruppu waterfalls is about 1 km away from parking lot and needs a climb of about 250 steps. Entry fee is 50 Rs per head for Indians. If you're not keen to walk and climb all the way then you can still enter and walk half the distance- you will get to see and enter the downstream section and wet your leg. Family with kids can also explore Iruppu falls as the walking path is good and steps are manageable.
Iruppu waterfalls can be witnessed and accessed at multiple levels. The final leg is closed but we could get decent access one step prior. While tourists were advised not to enter the water many didn't care and were taking bath.

There are many shops near the parking area. A packet of Maggie was being sold for 150 Rs, 12x the MRP. Other things are equally expensive.
Toilet facility is available. There is a temple but was closed. Nonveg is not allowed in the area because of the temple.

Road condition is decent overall


  1. nice write up we are planning to visit coorg after diwali. checking internet. got yours. good efforts. useful write up. thanks

    1. Welcome Ravi. Have a nice trip. I always strive to give useful, practical information and not just create hype hiding critical information


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