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Restricted Thottikallu (TK) falls near Bengaluru!

Thottikallu falls is a waterfall on the outskirts of Bengaluru which came into limelight during last few years. Thottikallu or TK falls is about 20-25 kms from Banashankari off Kanakapura road

Thottikallu falls is also a classic example of lack of coordination between various Govt departments. While the tourism department has put up a board on the main road guiding tourists to Thottikallu falls and PWD department also has a sign mentioning the falls, the forest department which owns the land doesn't want anyone to enter the falls. Unfortunately the forest department board is seen too late- after reaching all the way, so people prefer to go inside and take a look anyway as they have come all the way.
Forest department has only put up a board saying "No entry" but they haven't put any other effort to stop people from visiting. No barricades for vehicle entry, no check posts, no blocking the access path, nothing. Visitors are free to enter the falls if they wish. There was news of forest officials causing puncture to vehicles coming to visit TK falls or trying to harass visitors in other ways. Of course forest department people are too lazy to visit TK falls on weekdays or early morning hours so there is no one to stop, but on weekends you might expect some trouble or ask for a penalty for visiting the Thottikallu falls.

Not sure why the forest department doesn't want anyone to visit Thottikallu falls. Maybe they haven't figured out how to charge an entry fee and make some money. Maybe someone would have slipped off the rocks and died, which is a great excuse for authorities to ban entry. Only thing they can do is ban entry, than make a place safer.

Again the display is ambiguous. To me it looks like "Don't get into water- you can't enter the waterfalls, but no problem going closer and taking some photos". There was no board that said "don't proceed, go back, you wasted your petrol coming all the way as we didn't want to put any restrictions on the main road". 

In full compliance with forest department rules I didn't touch the water or go too close. View from a "distance" and came back. August last week there was some water left- not too much but decent enough. Another month TK falls may dry out. There are multiple paths to reach the falls- find your way through from the parking lot only if you want to risk ignoring the rules and risk facing an issue with law enforcement. 
Every travel website has a page on Thottikallu falls but no one has written about restrictions in place, because that doesn't suit their agenda of selling packages and making money. Some say it is open from 8 AM to 5PM, another site says parking fee has to be paid and some other site says best time to visit is October to March (during which TK falls will be dry). Cross check what you read on these sites as most of them are written sitting at home without personally visiting the destination.

You can visit Gulakamale lake which is nearby. Worth a quick stopover. 
Prani the pet sanctuary is about 10 kms from TK Falls- another potential attraction to visit, if you are OK to spend 400 Rs per person.

Bannerghatta National Park is 13 kms away and Thurahalli forest park is another spot nearby.


  1. Earlier, TK falls was infamous because it was 'adda' for drunkards and other mischievious gang of people. So, it was not advised to go in odd days and with family. NOw a days as Bengaluru expanded, lot of people started travelling to falls. Though it was a 'restricted area' , there was no restrictions for entry. 'As of now'(last week update), entry to falls is prohibited because of the 'gang rape incident' happened in Mysuru. There were police at the entry sending back people who were coming long way from distances. They could have put hoardings or barricades at Kaggalipura or at Gulakamale only so that people wont travel up to fall wasting their time and fuel.

  2. That's a pretty waterfall. It sure looks like nobody wants to take any kind of responsibility at this point.

  3. Now also the place is full of anti social people.


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