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Coorg treehouse near Nishanibetta: Trek experience

As I was looking for offbeat places to visit around Madikeri, Nishani Betta came to my attention. Nishani Betta wasn't too far- only 10 kms from Madikeri and hence felt worth exploring. Last Sunday we drove towards Nishani Betta early in the morning, expecting to return to hotel by 8.30-9 AM.

This post shares my findings in and around Nishani betta and will help you plan your visit, if you are interested.

I drove till a spot identified on Google Maps as Nishani Betta trek start point. There was some parking space and two cars were parked. I parked there, explored if we can drive a bit further- but there was a downhill slope with muddy track- I wasn't confident if venue will pull up on the way back. If wheels loose traction in slippery surface I might get stuck. So not keen to experiment, decided to walk from parking lot towards Nishani Betta.

Google map showed about 1.5 kms of walking, which is fair distance if you are looking to climb a hill. But as we began walking, nice concrete roads came up- for a moment felt it would have been better if I had driven down. We walked for a km on well paved narrow concrete road in between the plantation. This display of Coorg Tree House homestay caught my attention.
As we walked further, there were multiple patches of bad roads. Only 4x4 vehicle could have cleared them with ease. There were also sleep uphill slope. Felt reasonable I didn't bring the vehicle and walked.

As we reached the end point as shown on google maps, I saw this nice building on top of the hill. This is the Coorg Treehouse homestay. Unique design, restaurant in ground floor and rooms above. No other building anywhere around and great view of the valley. Reasonably priced.
Coorg treehouse homestay is an accommodation facility that costs about 3000 Rs per night per room. It is a lone building on top of a hill offering great views. As we reached there we saw a Tata Hexa and a jeep parked- if you have a 4x4 you can reach this point, else have to walk or hire a jeep to ferry you around.
NIshani betta was visible from this point, but still a km or two away from where we were. There is a trekking trail and if we had another few hours it would have been possible to hike till the top and return. But we had other plans for the day so decided to return.

One day in the future hopefully I can plan to stay overnight in the treehouse and hike to Nishani Betta peak.
On the way back I saw a Tata 407 mini truck getting stuck on the uphill slope unable to climb up the gradient. On these narrow roads if two vehicles come face to face, lots of reverse driving is required before one can give space to another. A few bikers rode in as we were returning, but soon they also returned as their path was blocked by the minitruck.


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