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Cool Cache Estate Stay in Madikeri

Cool Cache is an estate in Coorg which provides budget accommodation. They have couple of rooms converted into dormitories and you can stay there for about 1200 Rs per person per day inclusive of breakfast and dinner. Prices are indicative, may vary.

We paid a short visit to check out the estate while on the way to Iruppu falls. Though we were not paid guests and had gone just to enquire, the host generously showed us around. A horse driven cart in the property was nice thing to check out.

Cool Cache Estate Stay has 3 different rooms each hosting 3 to 5 beds. Each room has simple bed, spacious window, attached bathroom and a common sit out area/balcony outside.

Cool Cache estate has two buildings- first one is the house where owners stay- first floor is converted into a dorm and a second standalone building

Cool Cache estate is 14 kms from Madikeri (south) and 20 kms from Virajpet. Last 1 km is not a paved road but drivable with normal cars. They have WiFi and city is bit far. You can consider this campus for your stay in Coorg.


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