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Coorg Waterfalls Trail: 10 falls worth visiting!

Coorg has dozens of waterfalls spread all over the district. Only a few are super popular (like Abbi falls) while the others are often ignored by tourists either due to their distance from city center or amount of walking required to reach the falls. Here is a compilation of 10 waterfalls worth visiting when in Coorg, particularly post monsoon.



Distance from Madikeri

Trekking/Hiking Required



Abbi falls

6 kms

Very Low

Easy access, close to city, small falls


Chelavara Falls

40 kms south

Very Low

Wide and small


Iruppu falls

75 kms south


Huge falls, 1 km from parking lot, 250 steps


Onti Falls

32 kms north


Visible from distance but access needs bit of hiking


Surlabhi Falls

32 kms North


By the road, easy view


Kote Abbi Falls

24 kms north

Very Low

Walkable from parking spot, small falls


Abbimatta Falls

40 kms north



Mallali falls

55 kms north


Fair bit of hiking needed, close to Sakaleshpura


Abbi Kolli falls

16 kms west


Off Mangalore Madikeri road


Abbyala falls

15 kms east


Smaller, thinner falls, no entry into water, viewable from a distance











1 Abbi falls: Abbi falls, also referred to as Abbey falls is popular because of its proximity to Madikeri city. Just about 10 kms. Abbi is wider but small in height, no bathing allowed and visitors can view from a distance. About half a km from parking lot (more if you've to park far away due to crowd) involved.

2 Chelavara falls: Wide, tall and less crowded waterfall away from city. Worth a quick stopover while passing through the area. More details here

3. Iruppu falls: Popular and very scenic falls due to its massive height. But about 75 kms from Madikeri town hence needs almost half a day to visit and return. Waterfalls is 1km from parking area and involves climbing up about 250 steps. Visit if you have spare time or divert if heading to Nagarahole/Kerala/Mysuru from Madikeri.

4. Onti Falls: Visible from a distance when heading to Kote Betta. Accessible by a long trek. Onti falls looks nice with a stream of water in the middle of a hill.

5. Surlabhi falls: A decent sized fall next to road. Doesn't need any trekking, worth a stopover when passing through.

6. Kote Abbe falls: A small but wider fall, easy access, has Devine links hence there are some restrictions. A small shop selling maggie at 45 Rs a packet was our lunch. There is also a private coffee plantation nearby. A security collected 20 Rs parking fee. Kote Abbe can be visited while returning from Mandalapatti

7. Abbimatta falls: On my wishlist, couldn't visit yet. North of Coorg close to Sakaleshpura and can be visited during Sakaleshpura trip as well. Fair bit of walking is involved.

8. Mallalli falls: On my wishlist, couldn't visit yet. Mallalli is almost close to Sakaleshpura and can be visited during Sakaleshpura trip as well. Fair bit of hiking is involved.

9. Abbi Kolli falls: Another nice waterfall few kms away from Madikeri-Mangaluru road

10. Abbyala Falls: Small and thin falls in a private property- no entry to water, can be seen from road. 

A map of all major waterfalls in Coorg for your reference. Also there are other attractions enroute- hill tops, view points etc so include them in your itinerary.  A more detailed post on Coorg travel guide coming soon.
Some travel websites have included waterfalls in far away destinations under Coorg. Don't get mislead. Aware of any other waterfalls worth visiting when in Coorg? Do comment.

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