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Prani: A private pet sanctuary near Bengaluru

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Prani is a privately managed pet sanctuary near Bengaluru. As I had not visited Prani earlier and because it was about 8-9 kms from TK Falls that we visited, I decided to visit Prani, the pet sanctuary and check it out.

I reached the venue following Google maps at 8.55 AM. Last 200 meters were not so good roads. I was told Prani would open only by 9.30 AM. I was told about Prani's 400 Rs entry fee. For a moment I was in dilemma- spend 400 Rs or just return? Mysuru Zoo charges only 50 Rs per person. Bannerghatta National Park charges 100 Rs to visit Zoo, 300 Rs for Safari, 50 Rs for butterfly park. So would it be worth paying 400 Rs for a small private animal sanctuary? I thought about it for a while and decided to pay 400 Rs because of following reasons.

- Prani is a privately managed sanctuary- they have their expenses feeding hundreds of animals and birds, paying salary to dozens of staff.

- Prani doesn't have the volume of visitors. Because Mysuru zoo gets 2 million visitors (20 lakhs) per year or 55000 per day. At 50 Rs per person, they make 25-30 lakh per day just in entry fees. Plus they get govt funding, private sponsors etc. But Prani is not that popular and they have to recover their expense from few visitors they get.

- If I chose not to visit, I didn't have a great alternative to explore. Bannerghatta National Park is another option but it also costs similar amount if we include entry fee+ safari+parking+butterfly park etc. I had already seen Bannerghatta several years ago. So decided to check if Prani is worth paying 400 Rs per person. If not it would have been my investment for a blogpost to tell others it is not worth. To be fair, they have promptly called out entry fee on their website. For a family of 4-5 people, check if you feel it is worth paying 2000 Rs.

I was told there will be a guided tour that would last 90 minutes. But my tour ended in about 40 minutes flat. I waited in waiting area till 9.30 AM. Staff were cleaning the place, having their breakfast. No food will be given to visitors- canteen is for staff only. There are no restaurants nearby. Have your food and go to Prani. As I was walking around couple of dogs charged at me, with some kind of aggressiveness. As staff come to calm them down they went back. Managed to pet a few.

At 9.30 sharp the guided tour began. I was first taken to a section where different kinds of rats and rodents were kept. White mice, pigmy, porpentine and other rodent species were shown to me. I could touch them or hold them for a while if I wish. Staff explained their significance, where they are from and their unique traits. Some of them were reportedly got from Africa.

Next we were shown a few caged lizards. I was told I can hold them, but I didn't want to. 

I was told about the horses- 7 year old Maya rescued from a stud farm in Pune and two ponies. The bigger horse Maya was reportedly rescued from a stud farm in Pune. The red colour stipe on the horses apparently mean they still have trust issues with humans and we should be careful while going near. Maya needs about 50 kg food per day. These two smaller horses are older than Maya.


I was shown Indian and African goats grazing

I got to hold a rabbit in my arms

I was told about dotted fishes which spray poison towards their pray and catch them.

I saw the giant tortoise, goose, ducks, mice and other animals

Then the goats, donkeys and EMUs

EMU Egg. It had a hole on one side which the staff cleverly hidden. Didn't ask why.

Visited a barn of donkies, goats and other animals. Many of them love to be petted and readily come close to the fense. However EMUs may snatch the phone away if they want, so better to be careful.

A peacock family bird was interesting. All white with red beaks. Apparently in peacock family and in most birds males need to be very attractive to attract females while females prefer to be simple, camouflage their body as they need to hide and protect the eggs.

Finally spent sometime inside aviary. Birds come and sit on you if they feel. If you have some food they are definitely interested in you. I had similar experience in Lamington National Park near Gold Coast, Australia. Shukavana near Mysuru also lets you hold birds, but I have not been there yet.

The guided tour ended in about 40 minutes as against said 90 minutes- probably because I didn't ask too much questions or didn't spend enough time at each cage.


Prani is a good animal center to visit if you have an hour to spare, 400 Rs to spend (per person) and would like a close contact & guided tour of various pet animals. Prani offers a different experience compared to visiting a Zoo. In Zoo you see caged animals from a distance- in Prani they let you touch some of the animals, give you brief about the animals and spend some quality time understanding the world of animals. My guided tour ended in 40-45 minutes but if you had lots of questions, if you wanted to spend more time then your tour may take longer. If you are not a fan of animals and you feel 400 Rs per person is too much to spend, then go elsewhere. As a one time visitor I don't regret spending 400 Rs, but I won't be going again and again at this rate.

Official website:

How to reach Prani?

Drive: Approx 25 kms from Banashankari. Follow google maps, you have to reach Banashankari, take Kanakapura road, cross Art of Living and turn left after about 5 kms. Somanahalli is name of the village. Last 200 meters bad roads but otherwise roads are decent, though narrow. Google maps link here

Other options: Buses are available plenty on Kanakapura road, last 4-5 kms you'll have try get a local auto. A few buses go even closer but timing not predictable. Best to drive or take a taxi.

Timing: 9.30 AM till 5PM on all days.

Nearby: Art of Living * Bannerghatta National Park * TK Falls * 

Similar: Shukavana * Lamington National Park, Australia * 


  1. Nice to know about Prani. They seem to have an interesting collections of animals. (y)

  2. Great to read about Prani , Loved all pics :)


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