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Art of Living Bengaluru- Old campus: Worth a visit

Art of Living’s Global Headquarters has grown rapidly over year in terms of campus size and number of volunteers (and continues to grow on both fronts). Visitors today see the new buildings of AOL campus. In this post, I am bringing you some pictures from the Original campus (which is little further on the Kanakapura road)

Guruji’s Kuteer: This tiny house was original resting area of Sri Sri Ravishankar during his early days. Initially it was a small hut, eventually few more rooms were added in the back. Today Guruji rests in a bigger and better unit in the new campus
Old Reception: This building was the place where visitors were received and attended to. Today remains empty.
Old Amphitheater

Sumeru Mantap: This two story circular structure with a big tree at the centre is very ideal for meditation and relaxation. Sumeru Mantap is located at the highest point in Ashram campus. Cool breezes sooth your body and soul while chirping sound of birds keeps the environment lively. On my Day 2, I did some Yoga here. At the centre there is a seat for Guruji to sit. Each of its 12 pair of pillars represent a zodiac sign each. Sumeru mantap has a lotus petal theme.

Kalyan Mantap
Old Kitchen: This building served as kitchen for AOL residents originally. As the ashram population grew kitchen couldn’t handle the demand. It was decommissioned after new kitchen is built.  Now it is used as a gym.

Lots of birds can also be spotted around old campus, as this part is less human intervention.

Long term residents of the ashram recall their time spent in the old campus. It is very calm, serene and gets less visitors compared to new campus. Do keep an hour to roam around the old campus when you visit AOL.

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