Skywatch Friday: Harangi Dam backwaters

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Here’re some photos taken during our evening walk at Harangi dam backwaters in Kushala Nagara, Kodagu district. Miles and miles of greenery around the backwaters is simply inviting.The patterns in the sky, made by clouds + sunset were very appealing to me. Hope you like the photos.  All are added as clicked, no post processing is done.

And one from the GoPro

I was staying at the motor home- camping trailer shown in this pic... FAQs and Experience details here.

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  1. Awesome skies and so dramatic!! Terrific captures for the day! Thanks for sharing the beauty and the drama!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  2. Wow - dramatic and beautiful!

  3. Thanks Manisha, A Rat, SDT, Amo, ladyfi, Sreedhar and Yogi

  4. Wonderful photos of some interesting clouds!

  5. Beautiful... dream-like captures...!

  6. there is something magical about the sky and the clouds....the immensity, the mystery, the distance....they all seem to say something....beautiful clicks...

  7. Gorgeous shots! And I can see you couldn't resist clicking from Gopro. :)


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