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Recap: Best posts of Jan-April 2015

In case you've not been regular at my blog of late, this post is just for you, providing quick recap of some of the popular and hand picked posts in last 4 months. With about 105 posts so far this year, it is averaging to almost a post each day.

Top 5 posts by number of views:

Mercedes Benz GLA photoshoot

Scandinavian Sky Cats at Aero India

Zoomcar Keyless Entry experience

Vishalakshi Mandir at AOL, Bengaluru

Honda Mobilio Misleading print ad

Top 5 by Comment count
Lohgad fort, Lonavala

Hot Air Balloon ride experience

St Peter's Church, Malmo

Landscapes of Chikmagalur district 

Sunrise against power line

By Category:
Destinations: * Goa * Coimbatore * Mahabaleshwar

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