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Book Review: Murder in Amaravati by Sharath Komarraju

Murder in Amaravati is a brilliantly crafted novel I finished reading this weekend. Two weeks ago, Rajesh (of Destination Infinity) mentioned meeting the author of this book, Sharath Komarraju in facebook. When I checked the book title, ‘Murder in Amaravati’ in flipkart, it showed a crazy pricing of Rs 950 for WS Retail (now down to Rs 188). When I complained of  very high pricing, Rajesh indicated that there are other sellers selling the book for cheaper. Amazon had even sweeter deal, Rs 134 with free delivery. I wonder what made WS Retail to list this book at 4 times its MRP, anyway, I placed an order in Amazon and got it delivered within 48 hours.

Coming back to the book, the plot revolves around the murder of a woman, named Padmavati, in an Andhra village named Amaravati, on the banks of River Krishna. The dead woman practiced world’s oldest profession and no one had any regrets for her death, nor there was any quest to find out who the murderer was. But then the head constable, Venkat Reddy from the other town, couldn’t let the matter die. As it was very obvious that Padmavati didn’t die a natural death, Venkat Reddy starts his own investigation, by questioning key people in the village.
The whole 209 page novel progresses slowly towards solving this murder mystery, from one evidence to another, from one person’s perspective/account to another. It emerges that several people had varied levels of interest in Padmavati and a possible hand in the murder. Head priest, sanpanch, postmaster and many other characters have their own sub stories and a possible connection to the murder, which head constable must uncover without much of external support.

For those interested in suspense, the novel is a gold mine- keeps them hooked as new threads open up page after page. Murder in Amaravati is Sharath’s first novel and is a brilliant one at that.

Priced affordably well, this book is good entertainer. It also explains how to uncover murder investigations, from a point where there seems to be no clue or leads.

Title: Murder in Amaravati
Publisher: Amaryllis
Author: Sharath Komarraju
Genre: Thriller
ISBN: 978-93-81506-10-3
MRP: 250
Pages: 209

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  1. I too liked this book. I've liked a few good mystery books written by English authors, but this is the first Indian author's work that impressed me as much!

    Destination Infinity

  2. Thank You For the post. Will surely read it.

  3. Looks interesting...
    What would be your rating on a scale of 10?


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