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Happy Streets Pune- reclaiming our roads!

I was in Pune for Tata Nano AMT Drive and early in the morning, before leaving for venue, I was told about Happy Street concept in Aundh roads by my relatives. I rushed out to figure out what it is.

Every Sunday morning, a section of road is blocked for regular traffic between 6 to 10 AM. Public descend on the streets in large numbers and indulge in various activities they feel like indulging in- dancing, skating, cycling, playing badminton, yoga and what not. Seem to be sponsored by Times of India and supported by other agencies, the idea is really good.

I know in Bengaluru once an year police close the road for vehicles and kids indulge in some fun. Wasn’t aware of this type of event in other cities. Once I posted the news, Nisha and others confirmed Happy street does happen in Mumbai, Delhi and few other cities.

It is good idea and we need more of these in our cities. Below are some photos of Pune Happy Street...

Short video below...


  1. In Mumbai we have Happy Streets every Sunday when Linking Road between Bandra and Santacruz is closed for vehicular traffic between 7am and 11am

  2. Nice pictures that speak something about the city.

  3. I was not aware of such an activity. It is indeed great. Such community activity uplifts the spirits of everyone and there helps in developing a sense of belonging.

  4. Wonderful concept and event!
    We too have it in our town:)

  5. Nice to see this... Not sure whether any such initiation has been taken in Kolkata......


  6. Thanks Deepak, Tomichan, Saru, Amit and debopam for your inputs

  7. This happens in Mumbai too.. I like the theme "happy streets"
    Good clicks :)


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