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Spicejet Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Budget airline Spicejet is celebrating its 10th anniversary today on 23rd May 2015. Of all domestic airlines I’ve tried, Spicejet is little close to heart because of following reason- my first international trip was with spicejet- Chennai Colombo for a return ticket fare of some Rs 4200 all inclusive, in 2011 [Fly to Colombo- Every trip has a purpose]. Never got that cheap fare again (Except once it had reached as low as Rs 2000+, I couldn't get my plan together to book). In 2014 accidentally managed to book a return trip to Goa from Chennai for two people for Rs 1400+ all inclusive. Had few other trips  at reasonable fares with spice jet.
Most importantly, many expected Spicejet to become another Kingfisher last year, but they have largely recovered from the crisis they were in. This should be attributed to commitment of each and every staff who held on to the job and continued customer service despite uncertainty about their own salary and future. In January this year, I  noticed that their late night Coimbatore-Chennai flight had just about 10 passengers while the Jet airways flight to Blr was packed. Recently, May this year while I was returning from Pune after Nano drive, there was not a single empty seat in the entire spicejet flight. So looks like their bad times are over.

I also like the SpiceRoute inflight magazine a lot. It is probably one of the best in the industry, next only to JetWings.
Contextual image-Spicejet Bombardier ready to land in Mysore
Spicejet has tried lots of innovative schemes- weekend uniforms, which are nice. SpiceFlex fares- not so great [Explained here], better food options on board and so on. On time guarantee is another scheme that gets to Rs 1000 off on your next booking (to be made within 6 months- one I had expired because of this clause), in case of major delays (except when cause of delay is something not in control of airline)

Of course there are low fare offers every now and then. They were connecting Mysore, Hubli and other smaller cities in Karnataka- I hope they soon resume flights to these cities.

Btb if you've not read, my blog completed 9 years yesterday and Maruti Swift is also celebrating 10 years in India

Here’s wishing Spicejet congratulations on their 10th Anniversary and a good future.

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