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Sri Prathyangira Devi Temple, Shollinganallur

Sri Prathyangira Devi temple is a small but beautiful temple often ignored by those who visit Chennai. It is located after the toll gate on the right side(while going from OMR to ECR).

Wikipedia already has detailed history of the Prathyangira Devi temple, so I won't go into repeating its mythology or significance. But what interests me in this temple are its photogenic idols. I am presenting a few of them below, rest you need to visit to find out, because not every idol is allowed to be photographed.

Sri Prathyangira Devi Temple campus has lots of small idols andis spacious and green. Pictures clicked using Samsung Galaxy A5.

Location Map of Sri Prathyangira Devi Temple, Shollinganallur, Chennai added below Nearby: ISKCON Chennai


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