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Cholamandalam Artist's village on ECR Chennai

Cholamandalam Artist's village is a small campus on ECR, near VGP, Chennai. It could be a nice 1 hour stop while exploring places on ECR.

On the outside, there's a giant Banyan tree, couple of art works and a canteen. Photography is allowed here. On the inside, there're lots of paintings and artworks. Photography is not allowed inside, for the fear that people may copy the creative work. So unable to share interior pics.

Building has two floors and can be explored in a hour's time. Few books and materials related to art are also on sale.

There's an entry fee of Rs 20 per person.

There're a few pet cats in the campus. Add Cholamandalam art village to your plan if you have 30-60 min to spare on ECR

Nearby: ISKCON Chennai * Sadras Dutch fort *  Jagannath Temple off ECR * Polaris Offroad near Mahabs

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