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Fort Aguada, Goa in Pictures

Will be publishing some posts from my previous trips. This post will share some photos clicked at Fort Aguada, arguably the most popular tourist spot in Goa (other than beaches). This fort was made popular by the movie Dil Chahta Hain and hence gets several times more visitors that Reis Magos fort.

We went there last August and as expected the fort was crowded. Managed to get a few clean photos


There is a watchtower + lighthouse at the centre of fort, but no entry for tourists. Though sun was hot, cool breeze and greenery all around was refreshing.

Fort Aguada is a 17th century fort built on Mandovi river. Wikipedia has more history if you're interested.

There was no entry fee, no car parking fee and other expenses. Roads leading to Fort Aguada are also nice. Overall a must visit place in Goa.


  1. Thanks for sharing the HISTORY aspect with meaning or word AGUADA...
    The photos and description attached made the post most interesting.
    Worth going through and worth going to!

  2. The patches of green look lovely. When I visited it, it was all dry!

  3. Thanks Ravish

    @Mridula: We went in August..

  4. Very beautiful captures and great information on this post....

  5. That's very nice Srinidhi. In my to-do list, when I visit Goa soon.


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