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Motorhome/Caravan/Camping Trailer holiday in Karnataka by SaiVishram: FAQs

2020 Update: Not very sure if the camping trailer is currently operational, as I don't find any info about it on Sai Vishram's wesbite.

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I spent last weekend in Kushalnagara, in Kodagu district, in a mobile home by Sai Vishram. As I shared the photos of this unique accommodation online, I was flooded with several questions. This post attempts to answer those frequently asked questions, while I am writing another detailed post about my experience. 

Q1: Where is this mobile home located?
A: At present this mobile home (also called as Motor home, caravan or RV (Recreational Vehicle) is stationed on the backwaters of Harangi dam, some 13 kms from Kushalnagara bus stand, adjacent to a small resort named Shanti Resort.

Q2: What all facilities are there inside?
A: It has a living room with a TV, refrigerator, microwave, a bed room, a bathroom, two toilets, a bunker bed for kids and another small room. Toilets and bathrooms are western style but fully functional. There is air conditioning and also a small kitchen unit (not used)

Q3: What about food?
A: It is cooked at the adjacent resort and served inside the motor home. Only pure vegetarian food is served and no alcohol is allowed. Food is very good and involves multiple varieties.

Q4: Can we drive this RV around?
A: No. This RV needs a trailer truck to move around. It has no engine and driving mechanisms.

Q5: How much does this motorhome holidaying cost?
A: Sai Vishram’s motorhome holidaying costs Rs 15000 per day for a family, including food. Your transportation till motor home and any additional activities not included

Q6: How many people can stay inside?
A: It is suitable for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Q7: If I have a large group what can I do?
A: There’re few other resorts nearby- Jungle camp resort, Shanti resort etc. You can book rooms there.

Q8: What all are there to see nearby?
Dubare elephant camp, Bylukuppe Golden temple and tibetian colony, Kaveri Nisargadhama etc are within 15 to 20kms range. Other places like Abbe falls, Talakaveri and other attractions in Kodagu can also be explored in a day visit. Harangi dam backwaters itself is a nice place to relax.
Q9: How long this mobile home will be there in Kushal nagara?
A: Caravan will be in its current place for another month or so for sure. After than not sure. Once backwater fills up due to rain, mobile home may have to be moved elsewhere.

Q10: Can we just walk-in anytime to take a look?
A: No. If there’re no customers, staff also may not be around. (Some of them come from Bengaluru or other Sai Vishram properties). Also when there’re customers staying you can’t walk in and expect to be shown around. So check with Sai Vishram if you have any plans.

Q11: Whom should I contact to book or for further inquiries?

Please check with Sai Vishram on their website (doesn't mention motorhome now in 2020)

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  1. That is a great presentation of all necessary info.

  2. Lovely! Who wouldn;t wantto go camping at such a place ?

  3. Super and complete roadmap for person going for first time

  4. Seems a tad expensive 15 k why would anyone pay up so much ? That to without drinks being served, next point for that budget one can stay in Maharaja s place at Kabini in Jungle resort....anyways it is their business.

  5. Thanks Yash

    @Anon: True. High cost is because of amount spent on the motorhome, maintenance etc. Of course there're other alternatives if you're not very keen on mobile home experience.

  6. Hi:
    Just on a different note. I do import and sell such caravans in India. Please let me know if interested. Below ids the link
    Thank you
    Leejoy Joseph

  7. Dear Sir / Madam,

    We are promoting compact model towing type Caravans in India, Kitchen unit just behind the Caravan, 2 persons can sleep inside, very simple towing techniques, small and medium size cars are enough for it, for details just email to or call Anand 9448 533 286 for further details,

  8. @Joseph- do you rent them? I think many will be willing to try them for few days if they can be rented... Purchase is usually an expensive proposition

    @Anand- good to know.

  9. Hi Shrinidhi
    Please contact me at 8547730810.
    Thank you
    Leejoy Joseph

  10. How much does this motorhome holidaying cost? This question is common. So I think by providing the answer that is Sai Vishram’s motorhome holidaying costs Rs 15000 per day for a family, including food you will get better benefits.


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