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Stay in a motorhome: Nuwara Eliya Caravan Park

This post is about a caravan stay option you can try in Nuwara Eliya, Srilanka. I didn't stay here, so this is not a review, just sharing information I have related to this.

Unfortunately this caravan park didn’t come to my attention while I was looking for budget stays in Nuwara Eliya. I stayed in a budget hotel called Rose Bank, where we paid around INR 5500 for 7 people for one night. Next day, we stopped near Gregory lake and did a small walk, spotted this Caravan park.
Realized that these are stationery caravans and one can rent and stay inside. Rent begins at around INR 4600+ per couple, INR 6000+ for 4 people. That is the price range of a 4 star hotel, but caravans are expensive vehicles, offer a unique experience and are in limited supply, so I guess price gets justified. Would have been a good experience to spend a night at the caravan.  I have already experienced the caravan stay in Coorg few years ago-with Sai Vishram’s mobile home. Do check the photos and review here, and FAQs here.

Unfortunately the person in charge didn’t let us take a look of the interiors or even spend a few more minutes inside the campus. May be all vans had guests and he didn't like strangers entering. We retracted back to the lake. But photos are available online- you can check the details on the widget below and book. The location is right next to Gregory lake, so you can have a nice walk by the lake, or try some watersports or eat at various restaurants on the banks of the lake. I saw about 4-5 caravans. Though the inside would be very confined space, you can relax outside under tents. Would have been great if there was a provision to rent this on a per day basis, drive it around to nearby places and return after few days. But on the narrow roads of Srilanka driving a trailer is very tricky business. Unfortunately caravan concept doesn’t exist much in India- these are only used as vanity vans for movie stars. An agency in Bengaluru said they only sell caravans, won’t rent it. Zoomcar did an april fool prank claiming they’re adding caravan to their fleet. A few available ones like the Sai Vishram one I mentioned earlier are priced at around 15000 per night, beyond the reach of many middle class families.

If spending a night at Caravan excites you, you can check the Nuwara Eliya Caravan park on your next Srilanka trip. If not, there’re some other exciting stay options in Nuwara Eliya- like Stay in a tea factory, stay in hotels that offer a view of waterfalls and so on. Most of these cost around INR 5000 (USD 80) per night onwards.


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