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2019 Long Weekend calendar (India)-Plan your trips now!

Some heartbreaking news ahead!
Unlike 2017 or 2018, next year, 2019 doesn't seem to have lots of long weekends. Many holidays fall on Saturday or Sunday or middle of the week. 2018 has 15 long weekends, 2017 had 13, but 2019 will have just 7- may be a few more if you get lucky with some state level/company specific holidays. Nonetheless here's my compilation of 2019 long weekends. You can use this to start planning your 2019 trips. Stay tuned to airlineblog for good flight deals and offers.
Please check for holidays specific to your state or company/organization. This list contains only national level holidays- you should get 2-3 more long weekends depending on your state/organization specific holidays (Example- November 1 in Karnataka)

Have travels. Where do you plan to go in 2019?


  1. This is really helpful. I must bookmark this page

  2. that's so useful and informative post. I would highly recommend it to all my friends residing in India.

  3. useful informative post thanks to sharing

  4. Thanks for sharing this. Can now plan it well instead of cursing and wasting the opportunities to unwind!

  5. Thank you! I feel so low when I read this, we have no Saturday leave, no Holi, no Sankranti. Hence even fewer long weekends! :(

    1. That is bad. Hopefully you get little more time on weekdays

  6. Such a helpful post, Shrinidhi. I am saving this calendar so I can make some plans for next year from now!

  7. Looks Like less number of days to travel in 2019. Thank you, for the post. :)

  8. Thanks for easing the travel planning this year :D


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