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Dayata Uyana Colombo- what to expect

As I was searching for newer places to visit in Colombo, Dayata Uyana came to my attention. Decided to stopby on our last day. This post shares my findings and you can decide if it is worth.

The waterfall on the road photo

The main photo of a waterfall painting on the road-is all faded now and doesn’t look even 10% as attractive as it was in its original colours. They should probably repaint it once in 2-3 months to retain the colorfulness. So deciding based on what you see on internet/launch event vs actual is what you see above.

The original launch image is below, for comparison (Taken from Google images, copyright- TravelTriangle)
There was another painting which I could not comprehend

There’s no entry fee, no parking fee for Dayata Uyana. We visited on Tuesday. On weekends this place is believed to be more crowded and will have more shops. Next to the shops area is a nice garden- we did a full walk. A check post ensures no plastic is carried onto garden area.

Looks like there'll be more activities in the evening-like boat rides.

After the walk we headed to explore shops and a mini aquarium.  Price for dresses were in the range of 400-1000 LKR, which felt reasonable. There was also some sort of protests going on during our visit. Being a weekday, there were very few shops and food courts operating.

Time to spend- 1 hour at the minimum, more if you wish to shop/eat or spend more time in the garden.
Good reasons to visit Dayata Uyana
- No entry fee, parking fee
- Nice walk by the lake
- Children Play area
- You might spot some birds and animals
- Food court and shopping

I think a short visit is worth.

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