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2018 Long weekend list-start planning!

Still planning what to do in September, October? Think ahead, think future, think 2018! The 2018 long weekend calendar is here. After success of my previous post on 2017 Long weekend calendar, made a fresh one just now, for 2018.
Please note:

I’ve considered major holidays which are likely to be applicable across the country. However as you’re aware actual list of holidays may vary from state to state, organization to organization. Plus there’re several state specific holidays. You can use it for reference but please cross check with your state and company level practices to fine tune the same.
What to do with this list?
  • Share with friends and family to check which dates are suitable for them and what destinations interest them
  • Shortlist 3-4 destinations you’d like to visit
  • Identify airlines that fly to these destinations
  • Wait for their sale (You can follow my airlineblog for latest updates)
  • Check this post for tips on making the most of AirAsia Big Sale
  • Apply for leave where needed/possible or inform your team about your planned absence. 
  • Plan your trip well!
Happy travel!


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