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Skywatch Friday-Sarasin Bridge, Phuket Thailand

Sarasin Bridge connects Phuket island in Thailand to the mainland at the beginning of Phang Nga area. On my way to Phang Nga bay (to visit James Bond island) I stopped at this bridge for a while to take a walk across and some pictures.

Sarasin Bridge is about 700 meters long and was built in 1969. Till then people had to depend on a ferry to cross the sea. Very recently in 2011 a newer bridge was built adjacent to it as original Sarasin bridge couldn't handle the volume of vehicles. Once new bridge was commissioned, authorities cleverly redesigned Sarasin bridge as a tourist attraction, with a big tower at the centre that offers great views, two smaller towers, nice lamps and floor work. Now the bridge is popular among tourists and locals for walk, sunset viewing and fishing.

At the centre of Sarasin bridge an elevated tower gives great views of the ocean. Below are 2 of my panoramic clicks.

Ceiling of the tower is also attractive.

Lamps however could do with some maintenance. Many are broken.
 Below: View of Sarasin bridge from the new bridge (highway 402)
 View of the bay!

Sunset would have been great here, but it was dark before I returned to Phuket via this bridge after spending full day in Phang Nga area.

For more sky-watch pictures, check skyley. My other skywatch posts are here. More posts on Phuket coming soon.


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