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Lily Pool Cottage, Evolve Back luxury resorts, Coorg

Lily Pool Cottages was where we spent 2 nights last month, at Evolve Back, Coorg. Lily Pool Cottage is one of the lesser priced category of the rooms over there- others being Lilly Pool Villa, Lily Pool Bungalow and Heritage Pool Villa.  A wedding party had booked entire resort for couple of days during my stay, so I didn’t have an opportunity to take a look into these premium rooms, let alone any remote chance of an upgrade.
In this post I will focus on explaining the luxury inside Lily Pool Cottage of Evolve Back Resorts, Chikkanahalli estate, Kodagu (Formerly Orange County, Coorg)
From the outside:
Both in their Kabini and Coorg properties, the rooms do not ooze lots of luxury on the outside. This is intentional. I am told originally the resort rooms in Coorg were built in European style luxury. But soon management realized that they need to give their guests a localized experience. Giving them luxury stay they're used to in their country wouldn't serve a purpose of visiting Coorg. Guests should experience local culture, tradition, style etc. With this understanding the cottages were redesigned. From the outside they look very simple, much like any local house. Paddy stems are used for roof-these are changed every one or two years-giving employment to locals, keeping the resort close to nature. Below is how most of the Lily Pool cottages look from the outisde- extremely down to earth.
Inside a Lilly Pool cottage, Evolve Back Coorg.
Don't let the simple exteriors of Lily Pool cottages fool you. Once inside, it is a different experience altogether. Vintage looking fans, spacious living rooms, comfortable bed, fire pit for heating, full size glass windows, luxurious bathrooms and lots of care for being eco friendly, the inside of Evolve Back resort rooms deserves some detailed explanation.

The Intro process:
Guests are assigned a relationship officer, who walks them through to the room and explain the features of the room. Priyanka Rai and Diksha were assisting us is getting familiar with our rooms. They even offered to sing a Kodava welcome song for us.

Living Room
Lily Pool Cottage is a one bed room unit with a large living room and a private outdoor pool. Living room gets a dining table that can seat 4. A large fire pit is present at the centre of the living room. When it gets really cold in winter fire is set up here to keep the cottage warm. Unfortunately we didn’t get to experience it in July. Living room gets a tap fitted with RO treated water. Evolve Back resorts do not provide bottled water to guests- they provide RO treated water instead, as a responsible tourism initiative. There’s also nice coffee maker and a host of snacks and saviors guests get complimentary with the room. Small pieces of Mysuru pak, jackfruit bar, mango bar etc help guests taste some local delicacies every day. A nice sofa set and TV unit, with full size glass windows providing view of the pool outside enhances living room experience.

Lily Pool Cottage gets a single bedroom. Lily Pool Bungalow gets 2 bedrooms. Bed is comfortable with a nice net surrounding it. Two nice looking lamps rest on both sides. On one side a full size window allows ample light. The window can be opened and we can step out to the pool, without having to go through the living room.

On our last night, they made special decorations to the bed and also gave a cake, surprising us. I asked what's special, I was told it is to make our stay more memorable.

Bathroom is fairly spacious. Gets a shower chamber and a bath tub. Adjacent to it is an opening that lets fresh day light and wind in, creating a very natural ambiance. Wardrobe almera is positioned inside the bathroom. Safety locker, bathing gowns, iron and all standard accessories are available.
The Lily Pool
Lilly pool is the most attractive part in Lily pool cottage. The pool is 4.5 ft deep and is surrounded by a shallow water body filled with flowers. Couple of lamps are added for nice lighting at night.

There were a total of 14 chairs in Lily pool cottage. If you count the sitting area, around 18 people can sit comfortably in various parts of Lilly Pool Cottage.

If you notice very carefully, I have photos from two different Lily pool cottages in this post. First one that was assigned to us, I felt less private as there was a road passing through at a distance. (not a public road, it is a walkway near the garden and pond within resort premises) As I made this comment and went for lunch, I was promptly shifted to another Lily Pool Cottage that didn't have any privacy issues. This was very good gesture from them.

Rooms are cleaned 2 times a day, more if needed. A small army of cleaning crew visits and cleans each villas rigorously. They take about 15 minutes in the morning per cottage, little less in the evening. (Bed lining is not changed in the evening, hence saves some time)
Rooms are spread all across the large 35 acre campus. Some cottages are closer to reception and restaurant- lesser walking, while other rooms are on the far end of the resort- more solitude and privacy but also requires more walking. Many guests request for rooms which are away. Electric buggies are used inside the resort for those who don't prefer to walk. But buggies are assigned on priority for check-in/check out guests and for groups involving senior citizens.

Other category of rooms in Evolve Back Coorg are:
  • Heritage Pool Villa
  • Lily Pool Villa
  • Lily Pool Bungalow
HPV and Lily pool Bungalows are two bed room units and can accommodate more guests.
Made a short video of Lily Pool Cottage interiors at Evolve Back Coorg. Do Watch

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