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In the name of god- Ravi Subramanian: Book review

Recently bought Ravi Subramanian's latest book, "In the name of God".

This post is a very short review.
"In the name of God" is a 400 page crime thriller focused around Kerala's capital Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum). The Anantha Padmanagha Swamy temple here was in the news few years ago for its believed hidden wealth. Author has used this news as a base for his plot and woven a captivating story around it.

Ravi Subramaniam's previous books were related to various financial topics- banking, insurance, credit card, money laundering etc. This book is not focusing on any finance topic. Instead revolves around idol theft, jewelry, temple and cultural rituals and so on. You will also understand a bit about hotel security systems. Of course there's murder and other crime scenes to sustain the suspense.

Story is very well narrated and suspense well maintained till the end. Even the small lose ends are properly taken to conclusion. (Someone tapping on Aditya's shoulder early on was left unattended till the very end- I thought author forgot about it, but it is recalled and closed properly). Only thing not clear to me was what did Madhavan find in the encroached construction site and the CCTV not working on crucial moments- genuine fault or masterminded.

Unfortunately the fiction book is priced bit higher at Rs 299. I managed to order it at Rs 179 on Amazon. Today it is even cheaper at Rs 149. Do keep an eye for a sale/discount and grab a copy. Author is back with Penguin for this book.

  • Title: In the name of God
  • Author: Ravi Subramanian
  • Publishers: Penguin
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages: 405
  • MRP:  Rs 299 (Rs 149 on Amazon on sale)

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