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6 in 1 Express Movie Reviews

Quick feedback on some of the movies I saw in recent times.

1 Fast and Furious 7
Watched it purely for Paul. Lots of stunts as usual. I felt this could have been shown effectively in 2D itself. 3D in AGS Cinemas was a joke. Several times I removed the glass and checked- screen was all fine in 2D itself. I understand some frames of Paul were digitally made after his death, but that is very hard to tell, thanks to excellent graphics.

2 Gabbar is Back
Nice concept and well executed. Movie worth watching. We really need a few Gabbars among us.

3 Piku
Simple real life problem elaborated into a movie, with little over acting by two lead characters. Throws some light on importance of taking care of aged parents. Watch if you have time and lots of patience and ability to eat food in any mindset.

4 Kuch Kuch Locha Hai

The Sunny Leone starer has a message for all men who dream of a celebrity star in their life. If such a dream turns reality how many can handle it? Why not focus on something important that on impractical dreams?

Opening song- Pani wala dance seem to replicate the success of Yo Yo Honey Singh's Blue hain pani pani, but I don't think it scores any better. The reality show contest is even bigger joke and far from any reality. If you have nothing better to do, watch.

5 Dum Laga Ke Haisha:
Again a very good story line- of forcing someone to marry against his/her wishes. You're not likely to regret it if you watch it.

6 Ek Paheli Leela:
Modern fashion mixed with mythology. Large portion of the movie was shot in Jaisalmer and it reminded me of our Jaisalmer trip last year- Sunny's convoy also moves in 3 Toyota fortuners same way as we were taken around in Suryagarh-Jaisalmer's Fortuners. Though it appears separate set is made for palace, some frames were shot in Suryagarh Jaisalmer (the roof top scenes and few more).

The fear of flights and tricking Sunny to take a flight is little too much. The dummy aircraft made for ground shots had its engine so close to each, I thought it is a Comet (British made aircraft which was eventually discontinued). Also they got aircraft design totally wrong (Passenger seats won't extend till the extreme front) A small-medium plane would have been enough- there was no need to show jumbo jet

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