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Affordable Gym Equipment in Sheshadripuram park, Blr

I spotted these equipment in a park near Sheshadripuram today morning during my morning walk from Oyo Premium Hotel Bangalore International (that will be detailed in another post later).

Parks usually have some metal structures as play zone for kids. It is little rate to find open fitness equipment. I was surprised to see these.

Most of us have seen the gym variants of these fitness equipment- the sitting and standing cycling units, weight lifters etc (I do not know proper name of these things- help me if you know). But each of those equipment costs in lakhs and very unaffordable for middle class families to buy.

What you see below are budget variant of your gym equipment. Of course these do not have the soft comfortable seats, or a fully digital instrument cluster, but they serve the purpose of exercising.

Made out of metal and basic mechanics, once in a while lubrication is probably the only maintenance needed for these things. It will be nice if these can be added in all parks.People can save spending huge amount on gym memberships that they never utilize and do some exercise in open for free.
If you want to check them out, these are at a park opposite Sheshadripuram college.
Photos clicked in MotoE, early morning. Not the best possible pics.


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