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Narahari Hill Sadashiva temple near Kalladka

Narahari hill is just 3 kms from Kalladka, a town popular for KT  (a cup of tea with white milk layer separated, for a distinguished look). Previously when I passed through Kalladka I had no clue about Narahari. Recently a family member briefed me about Narahari hill and as it was falling between Bendre Theertha and BC Road, I decided to divert and check.

Narahari hill has a small temple on the hilltop. The temple complex is under renovation and isn't very attractive as such. But there is a nice view from hilltop that we can enjoy. Temple complex also has few small ponds (Chakra Theertha, Padma Theertha & Shanka Theertha) and a viewpoint with benches)

View from the hill
Visitors are expected to park the car and take about 150 odd steps to the hill top. There was a road that leads all the way till the temple- after confirming with a local I decided to drive up. Was a steep uphill drive in first gear but we saved some time otherwise had to spent on climbing the stairs.

Parking space on the top is limited, only 3-4 cars can be accommodated. If more vehicles come up it will be tricky to park them, reverse them and give way to oncoming vehicles. So be extra careful, where possible park at designated parking area and take the steps.
Narahari hill temple is asking for donation to renovate the temple. Donate if you can.

We spent about 20 minutes and returned home. Enjoyed driving up and down. Was lucky not to face another vehicle coming up or going down.

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