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Manikyadhara falls near Baba budangiri, Chikkamagalur

Manikyadhara falls is some 4 kms away from Baba Budan Giri hills, Chikkamagalur.

When we reached Baba Budan giri, we parked the innova and set out on foot. To visit the Peetha, we had to follow a queue system, without footwear and camera. We weren't too keen to do all that and contended ourselves to the external view of Baba Budan Giri peetha.

Subsequently, there's a waterfalls few kms ahead and one can go in their private vehicles. So we drove towards the falls. Road was narrow, bad (drive-able) but the view around was excellent. View the photos below.

Once reaching the parking area of Manikyadhara falls, we walked around to enjoy the hill top view. On the way to the falls, One rupee per person was collected. Few more steps and we reached the falls. Give that it was March, the falls was very thin. devotees believed this falls to have divine powers and eagerly took bath under the falls. Though waterfalls wasn't visibly great, its positioning is amazing. Located on almost top of the hill and surrounded by a big valley, Manikyadhara falls is definitely worth the visit.

An old Mahindra jeep was ferrying people up and down the hill. It would leave only after it is loaded with enough passengers that no more space is left anywhere for anyone to sit.
 Nearby, an auto was all in smoke
 Another hill nearby
And closeup look

Baba budan giri, being religious place and given the sensitivity that both Hindus and muslims visit here in large numbers, has large presence of police personnel. A photographer entertained policemen with his ten minute photo, aided by a portable printer. Not sure if policemen paid him for his services 
A beggar (not sure if I can call him that) was counting his notes. As I pointed the camera he turned his face away.
A house under contstruction on the way to Manikyadhara- looks more like a hotel/restaurant, but not sure (ಬೆಟ್ಟದ ಮೇಲೊಂದು ಮನೆಯ ಮಾಡಿ...)
 Manikyadhara entrace
 A nice camping site nearby
We found lot of locks on the fencing. Understandably the devotees left them like that... No idea what is the rationale or purpose of this

Nearby: Mullayyana Giri * Seethalayyana Matt * MG Park * Yagachi Dam * Honnemaradu * Lone tree


  1. Good one.. How far is this place from Bangalore?


  2. wonderful images and narration. loved the ingenuity of the photographer with the printer! how does he manage the electricity supply?

  3. Nice photos.. I'm curious, from where did you take the second photo??

    It was completely misty when I was there in October last year. Might have missed that view.

  4. Prashanth: Once you enter the main entrance, if you go to left and then go to extreme right, you'll get this view (second photo)

  5. Can we have a bath under waterfalls??


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