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School assignments: For old times sake

While at my native place recently, stumbled upon my school time books and assignments. It was nostalgic to go through some of the work I'd undertaken 12-14 years ago...

Most of them were English language assignments
The person featured here was my junior those days. I had asked him if he has a spare photo to share and had used it in this assignment. Now he's all grown up, well settled in US
 Getting 25/25 is a luxury. I still continue to commit silly mistakes...
A class 6 booklet... This one is from 1994-95 I guess (This one is in Kannada)
 Class 8 Science text book.
One and only Wren and Martin. If my English is bearable and reasonably error free, credit goes partly to this book and partly to my English madam. Some of the fiction books on right.
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  1. You didn't post any where you got a zero :D I am sure you never got any zeros. Great idea.

  2. It is always lovely to do all these-I can relate to this most as this is my favourite job while I visit my parents. Dig out old books, diaries, art etc, even pat the old trees that one day I planted as sapling!

  3. Mridula:
    Don't remember getting a zero, though I did get low marks few times.

    Sush: thanks for sharing your experience


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