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World trade centre 9-11 memorial park

About 11 years ago when I first saw the pictures of aircraft hitting world trade centre on TV, I didn't have an idea on the enormity of that incident. At that time I was in Bengaluru for my CET counseling (to know which Engineering college I could get into). 11 years later, it feels touchy to be at that place where the towers once stood, watch it being reconstructed and know more about the tragedy first hand.

2011 marked 10th anniversary of World Trade Centre attack. The two towers which were hit by planes and were shattered down, are being re constructed. Construction work is still in progress. A memorial park was inaugurated last year.

I paid a visit to this memorial park. One needs a pass to visit this park. So I registered for the pass online and before heading to the park, I went to 20 Vesey street nearby to collect the pass. With the pass in hand I arrived at the WTC location, only to be greeted by a long long queue. I thought entering a park would be a simple thing, but this place has lot of security and huge number of visitors. So spent about 45 minutes in queues before entering the park.

9/11 memorial is a small campus with 2 pools, an under construction museum and few trees. The two pools represent two towers. They contain a 30 foot waterfall, entering into a void at the centre of each pool. Names of those 2977 who died in September 2001 attack, including 400+ first responders, those who were in various planes and buildings are scribed on the pool. The pools were reportedly designed by Michael Arad and Peter Walker.

A museum is being constructed in the park. It is not yet open ready. Adjacent to the pool one can see heavy construction work and the under construction twin towers


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