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Empire State Building, NY

Empire State Building was the first place I visited in NY. I found on internet that this place opens at 8 AM, earlier than other places, so decided to head there first.

Empire State Building is a tall building, with two observatories, one at 86th level (1050 ft above ground level), other at 102 level (1250 ft above ground level). Building otherwise houses office space, mall and restaurants. It is also touted to be an energy efficient building-there were few boards on display highlighting the green initiatives of the building. I went only till 86th floor. As I reached the venue by about 8.15, the crowd was less.Entry fee is US$ 23 for adults. Those who could pay more (47.5$), an express ticket enables priority access and access to 102 level.

Going all the way up gives a wonderful view of new york city, incuding but not limited to Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn bridge, the rivers, world trade centres, Hudson River (where once US Airways Flight 1549 landed safely during Jan 2009 (details)) and the city's tall buildings.

Empire State Building is open to visitors till 2AM in the morning. Night time view would have been fantastic.

Visit took a total of 1 hour approx and I then headed to Battery Park to board ferry to Statue of Liberty.

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  4. Please let me know your experience for 9/11 memorial

  5. Deb: Thanks

    Sedated: Available in this post: http://www.enidhi.net/2012/05/world-trade-centre-9-11-memorial-park.html


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