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Audi Q7 Limousines

Audi Q7 Limo
My airport transfer to hotel was in a Limo (Amore Limousines), but that was a regular GMC slightly bigger than a normal SUV. When I returned to hotel from work the other day, we had a surprise. A huge limousine was parked outside the hotel. Incidentally, it was an Audi Q7 suv, extended and converted into Limo.

It was there for promotional purpose. The company which kept it there for display, D&G Limousines has on offer several other limos, made from RangeRover sport and other American automobile brands (Cadillac, Lincoln, GMC etc). These cars are rented on daily basis and often hired by wedding parties and for other events.

Leaving you with couple of photos of the limo.


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  3. Designers have done some excellent job here by turning such a masterpiece into a Limousine.Audi Q7 is a masterpiece of car designing and mechanics.Its made by one of the world's best luxury car maker which designs exquisiteness.Its got perfect looks and no doubt immense power.

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