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Times Square, New York

Times Square is probably world's most expensive place to set up a shop. I took a walk around this place. A grand variant of Bengaluru's MG Road

If you'd like to join US Armed forces, this is where you can try your luck
McDonald's at Times Square:
Mc Donald's founder had once asked B-School students what business they think he is in. When students told "Burger business", he told them that they are wrong. Mc Donald's is in the business of real estate. Today they own precious real estate in every popular streets of the world. If Burger business was to drop, they can easily start selling something else.

Madam Tussaud's Museum is located nearby, on 42nd street. Since the entry fee was 32 $ and I didn't have enough time to explore the place, I returned without going inside.

Also see: 9/11 Memorial * Empire State Building * Statue of Liberty * Ellis Island


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