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Yashvanth Gad fort in Konkan coast

Yashvanth Gad fort is a small fort some 90 kms north of Madgaon, Goa. I spotted this location on the map while I was scouting for attractions to explore on the way to Ratnagiri from Goa and decided to include it in our plan. Yashvanth Gad fort in Maharashtra is located by the ocean, gets very little crowd and is worth a visit when in the region. This post shares some photos and my findings.

What to expect at Yashwanth Gad Fort?

  • A medium size Main Entrance
  • Additional entrance walls, doors and watch towers
  • Couple of abandoned buildings with roots grown all around the walls
  • An outer boundary wall from where you can get view of the ocean
  • A freshwater well in abandoned state

Without knowing what to expect, we headed towards Yashwant Gadh fort from Goa. We followed the map and reached the fort area. The last few kms were narrow and little tricky but manageable.

There are some display giving background information about the Yashavant Gad fort. The location is known as Redi. As per wikipedia this region was a trading center in 7th century and the fort was built in 18th century by Maratha rules. Fort was under control of multiple rulers and was captured by British as well. 

The Yashwant Gad fort is spread over a large area of 3 hectare (7.5 acres). The entrance area is largely intact. We have to turn left, main door was open- there was no caretaker, no ticketing or any timing/restrictions. Guess all these are not worth as the fort doesn’t get many visitors.

As we entered, there was nothing much to see- just open area and trees. We walked about 300 meters and found another layer of fort walls. Maybe the inner or main entrance. As we got in, two large buildings in ruined state could be seen. Large tree roots could be seen all over the walls, the rooms had nothing left inside. Probably this served as residence for soldiers/staff when fort was in use. There were no palace like structure, so I guess no king or queen lived here. Like many forts by the ocean (Mirjan Fort) Yashvanth Gad fort also probably served as an early warning system for sea based intruders and could buy some time defending the city while the main army gets ready to fight.

There was a fresh water well. But it was filled with plats and leaves and filth due to no maintenance. Tried for some drone shot, but most of the fort structure is covered by trees so nothing much was visible from up above, except a few parts.

Beach is also accessible if you can go 100 meters ahead, we spent a few more minutes by the beach and proceeded to next destination.

Coming soon is a short video I made of Yashvanth Gad fort in Maharashtra. Watch on Youtube.

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