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Sirimane Falls Chikamagalur: 2022 updates & visitor info

November 2022 Update: Visited again, there was fair bit of water in the falls.

Original post: August 2022

Sirimane falls is now open to visitors after about 9 months of closure for road construction and other reasons. Last year December when I tried to visit I was told it will open in January, but learnt that it was opened up only late July/ Early August 2022. Thus included Sirimane waterfalls in my Chikmagalur trip plan and managed to visit the falls.

This post shares relevant photos, information and visitor details to plan your trip to Sirimane falls, near Sringeri.

Basic details first

  • Sirimane Falls timings: 8.30 AM till 5 PM
  • Sirimane Falls entry fee: 50 INR per adult
  • Sirimane falls access complexity- easy- need to climb down some 50 steps and back up. No complicated trekking is involved, no need to hire 4x4 jeeps.
  • Sirimane falls facilities available: Toilets are available, few canteens also exist for refreshments. A homestay is also available nearby if you prefer to stay overnight.
  • Sirimane falls road condition: Excellent (August 2022, new roads, may deteriorate over time)
  • Sirimane Falls distance: 17 kms from Sringeri town, 100 kms from Chikmagalur town
  • Sirimane Falls season: Best during monsoon, July till October, avoid after December.

We reached Sirimane falls early in the morning. No crowd was present. We could go down the steps and get good view of the falls. However, there was no access to take bath under the falls. You can only view from the observation deck. 

Sirimane falls is a wide, medium height waterfall. It looks similar to Abbe falls near Madikeri. Mid August water level was good, got good view.

If you follow the river upstream or downstream you may find some spots to get into and take a bath. Roads were newly laid so were in excellent condition. Google maps location is accurate, so you can follow the map. Signal is weak, don’t expect much coverage.

Verdict: Sirimane is a nice waterfall to visit during monsoon. I wouldn’t say go all the way from Bengaluru just for this, but if you are in Sringeri/Agumbe/Chikmagalur area and have few hours to spare, Sirimane is worth the diversion and few hours spent.

A visit to Sirimane falls can be included in the itinerary while exploring Agumbe, Sringeri, Horanadu, Kalasa region in Chikmagalur district.

There is a trekking opportunity at Narasimha Parvatha, but it would need permission from forest department to be taken at Kerekatte Forest department checkpost.

Watch a short video below

Nearby: Sringeri temple (17 kms) * Hariharapura * Kundadri hill temple (40 kms) * Barkana Falls * Agumbe (40 kms) * Kuppalli Kavishaila * Jogi Gundi falls * Kavaledurga *

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