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Hariharapura Sree matha near Sringeri

Hariharapura, located in Koppa taluk of Chikmagalur district, has a new temple complex worth visiting. The complex was recently inaugurated and hence not much information is available online. I happened to visit the Sree Matha complex recently (May 2nd week) and happy to share my findings with you.

What to expect at Hariharapura Shri Matha?

1. Large Anjaneya Statue: As you enter, you will be greeted to a large statue of Hanuman (Anjaneya). This place is referred to as Ishtasiddhi Anjaneya temple. You can walk around the statue. Do not miss to spot the tortoise sculpture at the base of the statue.

2. Main temple: Photography is not allowed inside main temple- it has few deities and lots of art work on the walls

3. Tunga River: Guests can enter the Tunga river flowing by the temple complex.

4. Agasthya Mantapa Viewpoint: An elevated structure has display of a cow and you can also view the river from the observation deck here.

5. Food: Visitors can enjoy free food offered by the temple. Basic but tasty food is served

6. Guest House: Those who wish to stay overnight, performing large poojas etc can check with temple management for accommodation option in the guest houses.

I could pet a horse inside the temple complex, though the horse seemed keen to eat my arms…

Toilets are available. Long walking tracks with roof are available, hence it is easy to explore this complex even in rain or hot sun.

Things pending: Some construction works are still going on. Parking for visitors is yet to be sorted out. I had to park on the main road.

Where is Hariharapura Sree Matha?

Hariharapura is 80 kms from Shivamogga, 90 kms from Chikmagalur, 20 kms from Sringer, 25 kms from Agumbe. 

What else we can explore nearby?:

It may not make sense for you to come to Hariharapura all the way from Bengaluru or other places just for this. But there are several interesting places nearby so you can definitely plan  a weekend trip combining all these places.

1. Hariharapura Hanging bridge- I didn’t visit this, but is nearby as per google maps, you can try.

2. Sringeri and Horanadu can be visited along with Hariharapura or you can proceed towards

3. Agumbe/Thirthahalli and explore places of interest there. Kundadri, Kuppalli, Kavaledurga are also not so far.

4. NR Pura, 32 kms from Hariharapura has a few backwater spots if you wish to picnic or enjoy nature.

5. Shakatapuram Vidyaapeetha: Another small temple complex and Matha worth visiting- about 7-8 kms from Hariharapura town. We went there first by mistake instead of Hariharapura. Shakatapura matha has its own charm which qualifies for another blogpost.


  1. Good to see your blog on HHP. Here're couple of additions to your list of places of interest
    - Centuries old Someshwara temple on other side of the village. It's good to visit there during shivrathri and karthik deepothsava
    - Prabodhini Gurukula: an institution other side of Tunga river, who follow vedic system of education (http://www.prabodhinigurukula.org/)
    - Kote Gudda: A hillock which comes behind Gurukula. Good place for a half day hike
    - Jammatige Neelkanteshwara temple: 300+ years old shiva temple at 1-2 kms from HHP

    For accomodation, apart from staying at matha;s guest house, those who looking for state of the art luxury, there's an option to stay at Crepginger (https://crepeginger.com/) near Tunga hanging bridge

    1. Thanks for the additional inputs Shande..

    2. Do let me know when you are planning to visit next. You can take a new good shots/footages from your drone

    3. ok. can't fly in rain. May have to wait till October


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