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Why Youtube is better than Instagram

 Despite the popularity of Instagram, I find Youtube a more sensible platform for content creators. Here are a dozen reasons why I say so

1 Youtube shares revenue with content creators, Instagram doesn't

Youtube has a revenue sharing mechanism, however low it is. Instagram on the other hand wants you to pay them to show your content to more people.

2. Youtube has a clear process for copyright protection. Insta doesn't.

If anyone steals your video, youtube proactively tracks it and lets you see tham under studio-copyright tab

You can submit a request for removal of such videos, if found legitimate, youtube will remove such videos. Recently I got about a dozen videos removed.

Instagram on the other hand, promotes content theft. There are thousands of handles who do not have any content of their own but survive by copying and posting other people's content. There is no way to report content theft and Instagram does nothing about it.

3. Insta is very short lived. Youtube videos have a longer life
Insta content goes out of focus within minutes or hours. Youtube content have longer life. They appear on google search and live longer.

4. Youtube editing is easy

While uploading a video, youtube indicates how much time is left. Instagram web doesn't.

Till recently it was not possible to upload from web in Instagram as the platform was mobile only. Only recently they are giving some control to web but no where close to Youtube.

5. More bots and fake followers in instagram

What are your thoughts? On youtube I am getting better success and views. Have about 4810 subscribers in youtube while in Insta I am struggling to cross 1600.

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