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Spots for animal lovers in Udupi

If you love animals, below are some key spots you can visit when in Udupi district. Udupi doesn’t have a zoo (nearest ones are in Mangaluru-Pilikula and Shivamogga- Thyavarakere) but the district has many cow shelters (Goshale) and few spots where there is reasonable chance of spotting birds.

If you are visiting Udupi or passing through and have some time to spare and wish to see/interact with animals or pets then there are multiple locations you can visit. Go through this list, shortlist a few that interest you and plan a visit.

  1. Neelavara Goshale

  2. Beejadi Goshale

  3. Kunjarugiri Parashurama temple

  4. Animal Rescue Centre, Saligrama

  5. Udupi Sri Krishna Matha Goshale

  6. Hangarakatte Matha Go Shale

  7. Mulki Narasimha temple goshale

  8. Try your luck spotting Peacocks

  9. Malyadi Bird sanctuary: Google lists this spot as a bird sanctuary, but keep your expe

  10. Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary

  11. Bird Watching at Kundapura Backwaters

  12. Dolphin View- St Mary’s island - if you get lucky

1. Neelavara Goshale (Cows and Horses)

Probably the largest goshale in Udupi district, spread over 3 floors and housing 3000+ cows and a few horses as well. Visit during day time, pet the cows, visit the Kerala style temple next door. You can also visit Neelavara’s main temple by the Seetha river.

2. Beejadi Goshale

Beejadi goshala has about 30-40 cows and calves. Worth a brief visit. It is privately managed and is not too far from Beejadi beach.

3. Cats at Kunjarugiri Parashurama temple

Kunjarugiri Parashurama templex complex on a small rock 7 kms from Udupi town. It has 3-4 cats who live there. They are friendly with visitors, so you may get to hold them and pet them. If you visit early morning before temple opens, cats are hungry waiting for priests to come in and feed then, so they are more friendly with visitors.

4. Animal Rescue Center, Saligrama:

Saligrama Animal Rescue center is privately managed locally by an Individual, Mr Sudheendra Aithal. You can visit here to see several types of dogs, cats, cows, monkeys, snakes, birds and more. Animal rescue center is located right next to Gurunarasimha temple, so you can visit temple and animals. Read a detailed post here

5. Sri Krishna Matha has a small goshale-

Along with your visit to Udupi Srikrishna temple, visit the temple Goshale and see the cows

6. Hangarakatte Balekudru Matha has a small goshale,

Hangarakatte is between Brahmavara and Sasthana. There is a matha with its own mini goshale. It has about 5-6 cows- good for a quick visit when in the area

7. Try Peacock spotting:

There are many peacocks operational in the agricultural areas of Udupi district. There is no designated spot and no one can guarantee a sighting but you can try your luck. Leave the highway, take interior roads, keep your eyes open- you may spot a few. I’ve shown few high probability spots below. [Google map link]

8. Malyadi Bird sanctuary:

Google lists this spot as a bird sanctuary, but keep your expectations low. Many complained they didn’t see any birds. If you have the time, patience and a bit of lucky you might get lucky and spot a few birds. November to February is said to be the season.

9. Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary:

There are no safari here and the probability of spotting animals is poor. If you stay at JLR Seethanadi Nature camp they will take you for few trekking/bird watching walks around. Else you can try your luck while driving towards Kudlu Theertha falls- you may spot some birds if lucky.

10. Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary near Kollur

Mookambika wildlife sanctuary is another forest area in Udupi district. Here as well there is no designated safari and the probability of finding wild animals is poor. You may find a few birds if lucky. Black panther was once reportedly spotted in this region of western ghats.

Aware of any other places in Udupi district where we can visit and see/pet the animals? Do let us know in the comments.

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