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Insta360 action camera-initial impressions-worth buying?

What is special about Insta360 X2? Why buy it?

Insta360 X2 is an action camera that comes with 2 cameras, each capable of recording around 200 degree of footage.

With inputs from two cameras combined, by eliminating common elements we can get 360 degree footage of any location, which looks amazing.

Insta360 has built in AI which removes selfie stick, so photos look like taken from a flying object

With one recording, we can make multiple stills or select an angle of our choice and get desired output later- don’t have to worry too much while recording.

Watch a few sample clips [watch on youtube]

Challenges & limitations faced in Insta360 X2:

1 Not able to export 360 video for instagram or youtube: Video exported comes in normal 2D view, spoiling the fun of 360 degree experience. Still learning how to overcome this.

2 Insta360 app is too slow and pathetic. I’ve used GoPro, Drone and other gadgets. Of all these, the way insta360 app interacts with camera is pathetic

  • It needs both WiFi and Bluetooth, draining battery

  • Takes several seconds to connect

  • Takes several seconds to start a video, end a video, play a video

  • While exporting we can’t do anything else. Need to sit idle and wait for several minutes. They should let it export in background and we do other work

  • Insta Studio stops working if there are some updates and you don't install it. Existing features and functionalities are disabled to force you into upgrading

I have a fairly decent laptop- i7, 16 GB Ram, 2 GB graphics etc. Still Insta360 studio hangs often.

3. Needs high speed memory card. Normal memory cards will fail to record videos. You’ve to invest in an extreme speed Memory card. Insta360 doesn’t have any built in memory- not even some 16 GB. Can’t click a single photo without inserting a memory card.

4 Insta360 is NOT waterproof. No waterproof case is provided by default (unlike GoPro). Because insta360 also records audio, there are audio inlets. Any entry of water will spoil the device. A protective case costs 8k on Amazon. 

Insta360 India pricing & accessories

Insta 360 X2 US price is 430 USD or  33000 INR, but in Amazon India it sells for 20-25% more- about 40,000 INR, to accommodate shipping cost, customs etc. 

  • You may need a selfie stick (INR 2000)- Nothing exceptional in Insta360 selfie stick other that it is extendable and feels sturdy enough to hold Insta360 cameras. You can use your existing selfie stick as well.
  • Waterproof cover is 8000 INR- should have been lot cheaper, but as there is no competition seller is keeping price high.
  • You can opt for extra battery: 2 battery & a charger selling for 8k on Amazon (3rd party brand)

Insta 360 X2 action camera- other things to know

File formats are different. Both still and video recording is done in some hitherto unknown formats- need to install Insta360 Studio to view and edit them in desktop. Or we need to use Insta360 mobile app. This is because these are not regular photo/video. While editing we can twist and turn and view from multiple angles/sides and decide what we want.

Insta360 camera has a built in button to capture photo or video-this is more easier to use than app but not very convenient when you’re protruding the camera on a selfie stick.

Need to figure out the right way to mount this on the car or bike. I will plan another post after using it for a few months.

My GoPro hero3 was getting too old and I was looking for another action camera, so decided to try Insta360. Because of its 360 degree capture it gives a unique perspective. But its accessories are limited and it is not water resistant, thus more care is needed while using Insta360. If using with a selfie stick, we need to be more careful as it may hit something and damage itself.

Final verdict:

If you have 40k to spare and keen to try out an action camera with crazy capabilities, you can try Insta 360 X2. They have few other variants- R etc as well. It will demand a fair bit of learning and editing effort before you can publish those photos/videos to social media.

You’ll have to spend a few more thousand rupees for high speed memory card, selfie stick etc. Insta360 X2 is a fun accessory to have- not too heavy and fits in a backpack without taking much weight or space.

Stay tuned to my Youtube channel and Instagram to watch more 360 degree videos and stills as I upload them regularly.

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