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Elthor Bravo EV Scooter- details

A relative has purchased Elthor Bravo electric scooter and I got to understand it in detail. This post shares details I found out about this unknown EV brand and how it works

Elthor offers electric scooters with swappable batteries. Bounce Infinity is NOT the first EV to offer swappable battery. Elthor Bravo’s under seat storage has space for up to 4 batteries, because of which Elthor website claims a range of 60 to 240 km range. A 2 battery setup gives you a decent 120 kms (claimed) range which is adequate for normal city usage. If you have 2 batteries you can keep the one for charging while using the other one, this way your vehicle can keep moving.

Elthor Bravo key specifications:

  • Battery: Single battery standard with EV, 60 kms range, 4 hours to full charge, 10 kg weight
  • Can hold upto 4 batteries giving 240 km range
  • Swappable batteries
  • Speed: 70 kmph max in sports + mode

Safety: Disc brakes in front and rear, won’t move forward unless brake is pressed and released once to avoid accidental start, no reverse movement like Ola or Ather.

Elthor Bravo Price: 1.4 lakhs for 2 battery option, 1.13 for single battery. Effectively 30k is the cost of one battery. A much larger Exide inverter battery costs 13 to 17k depending on specifications. If EV batteries can be manufactured in India, their price and effectively price of EVs would come down.

Dealers available in Mangaluru, Bengaluru, Bhadravati. Elthor website is functional but dealer section is not updated. The components are reportedly imported from South Korea and assembled in India. 

From my short time spent with Elthor Bravo EV, it looks good- has decent speed and range for city usage and running expense comes to less than 40 paise per km. However, Bounce Infinity seems to be offering similar specification at lower price

Elthor Bravo vs Bounce Infinity vs Ola


Elthor Bravo

Bounce Infinity


Swappable Battery




Max range

60 per battery

240 with 4 batteries

85 km

121 km

Max speed

70 kmph

65 kmph

90 (S1)

115 (S1 Pro)

Price in Karnataka

1.13 lakhs (1 battery)

1.42 lakhs (2 battery)


1.1 lakh (S1)

1.4 lakh (S1 Pro)



3-4 in Karnataka

Yet to be known



Carry upto 4 batteries

Battery swapping stations


No Reverse

Limited service

No service centres


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