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Bounce Infinity e-scooter: features price & differentiators

Bounce has been ride sharing company so far, offering scooters on self drive rental. Careless customers had abandoned Bounce scooters in pathetic state all over, creating a bad impression that we don't deserve such good services. Post lockdown, Bounce has shifted to vehicle manufacturing and has launched its own electric two wheeler, called Infinity. 

I watched launch event live and below are some key takeaways.

1. Battery swapping infrastructure: Bounce would be running several battery swapping stations, so you can go there, give your dry battery and insert a fully charged battery and proceed with your journey. This way no waiting for charging.

Bounce says battery charging infra can be managed through their app. This means you don't have to worry about range, assuming Bounce has multiple battery swapping units in your city. (bounce says it could be at nearby grocery store, ice cream parlor or a petrol bunk)

Battery have 4400 cycles, Bounce has tested for 2 lakh kms using same battery in all climate conditions. It is not clear how much it will cost to swap a battery- probably 50-100 Rs minimum. Electricity cost, commission to shops who keep the setup, profit to bounce and its charging infra partner are to be recovered. In a way this sounds like better option. Ather's model is to maintain Ather Grid, the fast charging stations where you've to wait 30 to 60 minutes to charge your scooter fully. Instant battery swap seems more convenient.

2. Dual disc brakes & 12 inch wheels

3. 65 kmph top speed, battery has range of 85 kms (Eco mode), 65 kms in standard, 50 in power mode. Clearly Bounce is not competing with Ather and Ola in terms of range and top speed. Bounce is more pocket friendly option and suitable for short city hauls.

4. Drag mode. Solid puncture proof rubber tyres not yet, but expected soon

5. Smart electric scooter- no large tab but bounce infinity app has charge left, nearest swapping station, geo fencing etc, display shows energy levels

6.  Available in 5 colours : sporty red, pearl white, sparkle black, grey, silver. Custom designs can also be added to your scooter.
image from Bounce official website

7. Price: Bounce Infinity has been priced at INR 68999 with battery & charger in Karnataka & few more states
INR 58999 in Gujarath  (cheapest  place to buy EV)
INR 79999 in rest of India

36000 INR for battery as a service- subscription service costs extra- 60-65 paise per km

8. Delivery from early March 2022
Dealership network is being built, there will be a service network. (Ola's model is not to have dealerships but send technicians to home directly- need to check how it works)

Pre booking open (INR 499 only)

Top speed, acceleration and other features (cruise control, reverse etc) not known. Bounce feels focused on cost effectiveness, practicality and a reliable way to get people from A to B, than focusing on range, smart features and performance.

Bounce looks more realistic, practical and cost effective than Ather and Ola rivals at this moment. Model shown today is named infinity E1. I am guessing E2 and more options are coming soon is their official website where you can check all the details and book.


  1. Good! Since life of battery was the major worry for buying electric vehicles and now Bounce is coming up with this swapping option, I think we can just go buy this scooter if all other features are good, right? Battery life no more matters! Is that how it works?

    1. That is how it looks like. But need to see it in action. Like you don't want to give your brand new battery and get 4 year old battery. I asked a question in linkedin to founder, didn't get a reply. Not an issue during initial years. Also cost of battery swap is not announced yet


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