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Netflix and Amazon prime should give a weekend package

Netflix and Amazon prime are two most popular OTTs in India. Instead of 4 family members going to theatre and paying 800 Rs on movie ticket + petrol + parking etc it might make more sense to buy netflix or prime subscription and watch unlimited movies during the membership period.

Netflix costs INR 200 (mobile only) to INR 800 (premium plan) per month while Prime costs about 1500 INR per year.

I had prime membership once upon an year but didn't renew it. Netflix haven't even tried. Main reason is I don't have time. If these firms had a weekend plan or per day plan I would have opted for them.

My request to Netflix and Amazon Prime is to rollout following schemes

Scheme 1: Weekend Plan
Monthly is 500 INR for netflix basic plan= 6000 INR for 360 days. That is about 17 INR per day. Most of the weekday I am busy at work and tired after reaching home so can't watch movies. If I buy 30 days plan and watch for only 2-3 days, it is like paying 150-200 Rs per day.

If netflix can launch a weekend plan, for about 1600 INR per year (2 days per weekend * 4 weekends per month * 12 months) I will probably take it

Scheme 2: Daily plan
I should be able to pay like INR 20  per day * 10 days = 200 Rs and I get to chose on what all dates I want this to be activated. For example one weekend I might decide to spend entirely on movies and watch movies full day. This way I pay only for days I use the service, not for whole month or year.

I hope pricing managers at Netflix and Prime take note of this and rollout these plans. It will get them more customers and money. Risk is that those who are paying for 30 days as per current plan also may chose for daily/weekend plan reducing Netflix's income. I am sure Netflix has enough usage data to analyze if this will happen and what is the risk. What do you think?


  1. Hello, Its really good, if they bring in such plans, i will also like to see per day plan any days of the week or per movie rental for 24 hours at nominal charges.


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